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This Bulletin Board was created exclusively for Pomeranians and Prussians searching for their family history background. However your request will only be accepted for publication if it is written grammatically correct and if it is not longer than 240 letters including your e-mail address.Requests longer than 3 lines will be automatically rejected. I reserve the right to change or refuse bulletins without any reason and I do not claim responsibility for any contents or whatsoever. E-mail addresses will be periodically checked. Requests with wrong e-mail addresses will be deleted.   Please understand, I have no time to answer personal questions. No exemption!!!

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Charles Fred(?) ABEL (Damsendorf, Prussia) and wife Marie MILLER (Germany) emigrated to Iowa in 1854. Charles' Siblings: Fredrica Henrietta ABEL (married William Fred SCHERER - children: Sophia HOLT, Chas, William, Frank, Lou, and August), Hannah (remained in Germany), Henry (went to Russia - large sheep farm), Fred ?, Lizzie ?, Luy ?
Charles Fred(?) ABEL (born 1855, Burlington, Iowa) married Mattie A. JACKSON (born 1863).
Robert Carl ABEL (1894) married Margaret DOTTS (1891).
Paul Russell ABEL (1915) married Mary Juanita SEAY (1913). Robert Dale ABEL(1916), Edith Maurine ABEL (1918), Charles Gerald ABEL (1920), Harry Dean ABEL(1922).
Gerald Russell ABEL (1942). Robert Dean ABEL (1943) married Margaret JUN (1966).
Janis Marie ABEL (1966) married Edwin Philip HYDE, Jr. (1970), James Russell ABEL (1968)
E-mail: jrabbit@hal-pc.org

Looking for information about Charlotte ABRAHAM, born June 16, 1827, died Dec 1, 1883. She was married in 1845 to Carl Voelz, born Nov 26, 1822, died March 14, 1896. We know of one daughter named Ida M. who was born Oct 26, 1855 in Hinter-Pommern Warnien. E-mail:rlued92989@aol.com

Daniel ABRAHAM, b. Aug 2, 1834, married about 1864 in Posen, Prussia, August Justine ZUELKE, b. Jun 9 1840, emigrated to America (Wisconsin) in 1872. They had 5 children. The oldest was Julius Wilhelm ABRAHAM, b. Dec 13, 1864, in Sarka Von Growitz, Posen, Prussia. E-mail: xpsoldier2000@yahoo.com

Im looking for John ADAMS parents. He was born in Prussia in 1740, emigrated from the Rhine River near Binheim, Germany. Then John came to United States. If you have any information contact me at e-mail: rickie@netassoc.com

I am looking for information of Michael ADLER of Canton Bacan Trier, Kreis Mertzig, Prussia. He and his family, which included Jacob Adler, an infant, emigrated to New York, NY, USA in 1837. A map with the location of the town would be helpful. Larry Adler; Ladler@mlrcpa.com

Any information wanted on Wilhelmine AHLMEYER, born 1826, married to Johannes HOERNER, died in Comfort Texas 1896. E-mail: rk@sanmarcos.net

My great grandfather Johann Gerhard AMELN left Prussia in July 1880 at the age of 23. He emigrated to America on the ship Amsterdam, I think through a German port. His cousin Gerhard KERSENS, had emigrated before him in 1872. I am interested in any information anyone has. E-mail: beachbumco@aol.com

Searching for APPMANN/APPMAN family from area around Fritzow and Kolberg, who left Pommern in 1882 to the US. Carl (b. 1829) and Louisenee TESSMANN (b. 1831) had the following children: Fritz/Fred (b. 1856), August (b. 1859), Henrietta (b. 1860), Wilhelmina (1862), Bertha (1865), Emilie/Amelia (b. 1870),Ottilie (1873), Anna (b. 1881) and Charles (b.1880?). E-mail: djbooth@worldnet.att.net

Want any information on ARENT family. Mary Julia Arent born 1883 in Prussia to Joseph or John Arent, left for America about 1896. Any information appreciated. Anisa9491@aol.com

I am interested in ancestors and relatives of Johann Friedrich ARNDT, born in Guetzlaffshagen Pommern June 2, 1844 and son of Peter ARNDT, born same place in April 1813. Contact Richard Arndt dsarndt1@msn.com

Searching for information on ARNDT family of Gutzlaffshagen, Pomerania. My great grandmother was Marie ARNDT, born 1842. Her parents were Martin ARNDT b. 1810 and Catherine RAASCH b. 1815, both of Gutzlaffshagen. Marie ARNDT m. Ferdinand SCHROEDER of Reselkow, Pomerania and emigrated to Wisconsin in 1872, first to Manitowoc County WI, then to Wood County, WI, where they farmed in Hewitt, Wood County, WI. E-mail: dwunrow1@hotmail.com

Searching for the AUERSWALD family history, of those three(?) children who emigrated to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Their half-brother was Richard Traugott WETZEL, my grandfather. They arrived in USA 1885. The mother was an ESBIG (Emilie Auguste). E-mail: suscarolautwetz8@aol.com



Searching for ancestral village of gt. grandparents Herman BAATZ, b. 1838, Treptow, and wife Amelia Koehn BAATZ, b. 1844; immigrated NY, 1869 to Kenosha, WI, 1878 to Brush Creek, Saline Co., NE. There are 4 Treptow villages. Where is the Treptow of my "Baatz" ancestry? Please respond to Barbra@4edisp.net

I am looking for family history on Johann Heinrich BACHHOFER, born May 10, 1852 in Prussia-Frankfurt, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany. He came to America as a stowaway with his brother Frederick B. Bachhofer, arriving Dec. 31, 1869. John Henry Bachhofer went by Henry. E-mail: Vwilliams@hfblaw.com

I am looking for information on Georg Gustav BAHR, from Jacobshagen, Kreis Saatzig, Pommern, Preussen. E-mail: rgbahr@yahoo.com

I am looking for information on BANKE. Herman Banke was born about 1844 in Pomerania and moved to the States around 1865. Any information would be appreciated and can be sent to 7jab6@qlink.queensu.ca

I am looking for information on BANKE: Bernhard (44), wife Maria (37), children Bernhard jr. (12), Christina (12), Marion (14), Gertrude (7) and Herman Banke (4) left Prussia in 1838 on the Bark Minerva out of Bremen. Trying to jump the pond. Info toj.banke@worldnet.att.net

Looking for information on Friedrich BARESEL II, b. Jul 27, 1850 in Schoenfeld, Pommern, Prussia, and emigrated to the US (Kansas) in 1870's. His father was Friedrich Baresel, b. 1830, and mother was Johanna Grafinthin, b. 1834. E-mail Dani at altru28@yahoo.com

Looking for information on John BARTH, born in 1838 in Brottdorf, Prussia. E-mail: wjhoag@columbus.rr.com

BARTH, Ernst Julius, born 01/23/1844 in Loitz, Pommern, was in Danville, Illinois. Wife Wilhelmine(a) WENDT. Any information appreciated. E-Mail: tlm49@aol.com

Information wanted on Dorothea BARTSCH PASBRIG, born 31 Aug 1846, married Carl or Wilhelm BARTSCH about 1868 and then married Gottlieb PASBRIG 1881, lived most of her life in Milwaukee, WI. Her first husband had at least two brothers. groth24100@aol.com

Info wanted on Carl BAST (Best) family from Geutzlaffshagen, Pomerania. They came 1892 to milwaukee and later to Watertown. The wife was Mathilda Arndt. E-mail: sunnyside@powerweb.net

Carl and Caroline (Peek) BAUCH and family of 8-9 children came to US from Tornowke in 1886 ? and settled in Minnesota. Children were Alvina Augusta-Maria Minnie-Frederick-Edward A.-Julius Ferdinand-Gustave-Carl A.-Amelia. E-mail: feline-lady1@comcast.net

Information wanted on John BAUER, born about 1845 in Prussia. He married a Sophia (also born in Prussia). They moved to the US and took up residence in Crawford county, Wisconsin, sometime between 1870 and 1880. E-mail: Kariklein29@aol.com

Searching for the family of John Anthony BAUHAUS. He married Johanna MANNING in NY. He first went to Delta or Glandorf, Ohio, but later he moved to Avilla Indiana. According to a census from Leipsic, Putnam County, Ohio, came his father and mother from Prussia. Respond: gwill6060@sbcglobal.net

I seek info on George Martin BAUMANN, born 1839 in Possen (Pomerania). He died 13 Oct 1889 in Janesville, WI. Ancestors? Siblings? Children? Please Email: peter@downeastland.net

I am looking for information regarding my ancestor Friedrich (Frederick) BAUMEISTER, who emigrated from Prussia to the United States about 1830.bskilling@yahoo.com

Information wanted on Wilhelmine BECKER and her parents. Wilhelmine was born in Siedtlow Neupommern on 8-7-1862. The use Neupommern is confusing to me, but I am certain that it is not the South Pacific colony. E-mail: Gale@Bosche.Info

Looking for any descendants of Wilhelm Heinrich August BEHLING and wife Johanna HAASH, immigrated to American 1881 with children Augusta, Bertha, Anna, Ernestina. E-mail: annagreeno@hotmail.com

I'm searching for information on my ancestors believed to be from Anklam, Pommern. Frederick BEHNING, born 10 OCT 1858, married Alexandria Schultz, who died, then remarried 18 Mar 1887 Johanna Heiden, who was born 25 Aug 1858. Came to USA in 1889, settled in Delaware Co., Iowa. E-mail: kimballbehning@hotmail.com

I am looking for the ancestors of Joseph BEHNKE, who married Kathrina Neja and emigrated to the US approximately 1881 from Zirkwitz, Kamin Kreis, Flatov. Reply to kbehnke@hotmail.co

I am looking for information on Paul von BEHNKE. Gustave von Behnke emigrated to Wisconsin 1870-1886. They were originally from Lauenburg, Pomerania. Please reply to lidret@aol.com

Searching for relatives of BENDIX and HESS from Mecklenburg. Andrew and Anna Marie (Hess) Bendix were married in 1846. Son Christopher Bendix (my great grandfather), born 16 Dec 1860, emigrated with his parents and 2brothers to the United States in 1871. Anna Marie died 15 Dec 1875. dbailey@pdq.net

Requesting information about Charles BERGEN, believed to have been born 1810 in Prussia. He emigrated to the USA (New Jersey) ca. 1843. Please E-mail: lilyh@shorenetworks.com

Information wanted on Peter B BERLIN (b. 1844) and his wife Ullricke HOLZNAGEL. Son Fred was married to a Maria from Selchow by Storkow, Mark. Fred had sons named Fred and Walter. E-mail Ken at KenBarb_s@yahoo.com

Looking for information on my ancestors from Prussia with the surname of BERLS or BERLES. nmarks@networksplus.net

Information wanted on the family of my great grandmother Mary BERNDT, born March 7, 1836 in Pomerania. Her parents were William and Sophia BERNDT. purltwo@aol.com

Information wanted on my great grandmother Wilhelmina Augusta J.L. BERNDT, married to William Carl F. BOLDT, born 9/30/1876 in Pommern, Grammtion Kreis Demien Regierungsbezirk Stettin or anything about the area. E-mail: harwulffy@solarstop.net

Looking for parents of Ferdinand August BETHKE, born 9/3/1842. Jarniskow?, Pomerania. Sailed from Danzig (Gdansk) between 1865-1869 to Illinois, then moved to Wendish Colony in Texas. Brothers are August and Wilhelm. Contact vjbhome@aol.com

Trying to find the parents of Carl BETHKE and Mathilda HUEBNER of Selchow and Gross Schoenfeld, Greifenhagen, Pommern, Prussia. Carl was wounded in the Franco-Prussian war, came to Amerika in 1883 to Mayville, Wi. E-mail Carole Bethke, thewrights@airswitch.net

Looking for male relations (brothers, uncles, sons, nephews, cousins) to Christoph BETHKE (1809, region of Heiligenbeil/Mamonowo, Prussia) and to Eduard Ludwig BETHKE (1861) and to those relations who lived in Elbing/Elblag. E-mail Klaus Bethke at kbethke@b-plastic.com

Information wanted on: ANNE AMELIE, PRINCESSE De PRUSSE, SOEUR DeROI. - app.70 in 1746
                            Johann Jakob David von BETHMANN - age around 35 in 1766
                            PRINCESS JULIANE SOPHIE WILHELMINE WIEHLE - age around 25 in 1807
                            Hemrich David von BETHMANN
If you have any information please send to: Diana at lbmorris@cyberhighway.net

Looking for information on BETHMANN. I believe my great-grandfather Alfred BETHMANN, his wife Emilie and their two children Frieda M. and Harry came to America in the 1870's. E-mail Diana at: lbmorris@ctcweb.net

I am looking for information on Christian BEU, born 19 Feb 1855 in Vorpommern. He was in the German Navy and stayed in America, when his ship visited New York City. E-mail Richard Beu at beurc@yahoo.com

Searching for info on a John BEU, b. abt 1817 in Pommern, and wife Elizabeth BAUGH/BACH. Children: Carl John, John Carl, Frederecka, Minnie (Whilhelmina), Christian, Sophia Carlina, William John. Connected to Frederick Sheel/Scheel family. Emigrated to Kansas, USA in mid to late 1800's. dorisannjames@msn.com

Looking for information on Michael BIERS, b. 09-01-1863, and Fredricka Erdmann, b. 12-9-1858. They moved to Canada between 1882 and 1889. E-mail: mawilliams@ctsc-services.com

I am researching the BIESEK (BIESECK) and BUDDA family from West Preussen and Pommern. E-meil: zbiesek@yahoo.com

Information wanted on family of Wilhelmina BIRKHOLZ, born in Pommern, 24 June, 1862. I don't know who her parents were. They went to Minnesota in 1877, when she was 15 years old. They lived in Faribault, MN. E-mail EricksonCarolyn@webtv.net.

Information wanted on Jacob BISEWSKI from Carthaus, Danzig (Gdansk) and his wife Marianna Reinke. The name of the Child is Johann Bisewski born on 22.6.1878 E-mail: ralf.bisewski@web.de

I am researching the Biskup (Bishop) family from Staw. E-mail: meiers@ruralaccess.net

Looking for ancestors or family background for Joseph Biskupska (Bishop), born 28 Mar 1827, Kuszkkowo, Poland (Prussia), emigrated to US 1857. E-mail: musco57@hotmail.com

Franz BLASCHKE, born about 1812, married Friedrike SONTAG, about 1840. In 1852 this family emigrated from Neuhof (Nowecin), Kreis Lauenburg, Pommern, to Gasconade County, Missouri, via Hamburg. Any info on Franz will be appreciated. E-mail: millie.rickey@gte.net

Searching for information on BLECHERT from Gumbinnen, East Prussia. Family split up in early 1900's, settling in Geneva, Wyoming, USA and in South Eastern Idaho. Mother Emma Blechert and son (my grandfather) Louis Blechert. E-mail: KBlechert@aol.com

Looking for information on Ferdinand BLECK, b. 21 Sep 1857 in Pommern? and died 4 Nov 1911, Spokane, WA. He married Emilie Louisa BRISSOW (BRIISOW) 23 Jan. 1884, New Ulm, MN. E-mail: wingman051@aol.com

Looking for information on the BLECK family. My ggggreatgrandfather, wife, children came 1881 on the Vandalia ship to the U.S.. Last residence was Prussia. Looking for additional family that stayed behind. E-mail Janet at mackclan2001@msn.com or mckillip@iwon.com

Information wanted on Emilie BLEICH, born 1855 in Altenwedel, Prussia. Her father was Samuel BLEICH and her husband was Johannes VOLKER. E-mail: shirleyc@dnet.aunz.com

I seek photos of Pomeranian peoples and information on the surname of BLOCK. E-mail: Christina.rankin@verizon.net

We are looking for any information on the last name of BLOCK. E-mail: Stickupgirl@aol.com

Information wanted on Ferdinand BLOCK and Whilemenia BORTS (or BOORTZ) Block. They arrived 1869 from Pomerania, Prussia, in America. Great grandparents were Herman (born 10-20-1854) and Otellia (Krueger) Boortz. Herman was the son of John and Fredrecka Boortz; Herman and Otellia came to America with three children. Also info wanted on Albert Brabender, born in 1886, his parents Frederick Brabender (1861 - 1894) and Dorthea A. Kreier (born 1861). E-mail: cndalman@qwest.net

Looking for information of family of Karl BLOSSEY, born March 4, 1830, in Pomerania. His son Emil A. Blossey, born Dec.8, 1867, in Pomerania, died April 25, 1940 in Forest Park, Ill.. The name might be Americanized. E-mail Sharon Kavanagh at kavanagh@99webstreet.com

Information wanted on the Prince of Prussia Gebhard Lebrecht VON BLUECHER. E-mail: lorir@alltel.net

Trying to trace the VON BLUECHER linage prior to and after our migration to the U.S.. E-mail: DOCBLUEHER@aol.com

If any one has any info on BOCKMANN and HEINE from Prussia, they came to Australia, settled in the Barossa Valley early mid 1800, please let me know at: jbockmann@optusnet.com.au

I am researching the names BOELK from Rewahl, Greifenberg, Pomerania and LINDEMANN from Karnitz (same region). They were my great-grandparents. E-mail: srb22@hotmail.com

Information on BOELKE/BOEHLKI family in Labuhn, Stolp, Pommern. Bertha Caroline Henriette (Boelke/Boehlki) Zessin (1861-1947). Mother was Caroline (Borks) Boelke/Boehlki. Sister Louise (1864-1958 Germany). Contact mary_till@hotmail.com

I am looking for the parents and/or siblings of Christian BOELKE who was born 17 January 1857 and married Karoline PANKONIN (b. 28 Feb. 1864). Children are Eva, Albert, Anna, Richard, Christ, Emma and Ludvig. E-mail: mlboelke@acsol.net or mboelke@mesa.k12.co.us

I am requesting genealogic information on my great-great grandfather and mother Paul Otto Gustav BOETTCHER, born Aug. 14, 1884 near Biesenthal and Martha Emma Theresa BEHLING, born in Berlin on April 13, 1888. They emigrated to South Dakota in the United States. E-mail: h_lacroix@hotmail.com

Carl BOHL from Schonehr, Kreis Lauenburg, Pommern, emigrated via Hamburg in 1852 to Gasconade County, MO. Friedrich, Ferdinand, and Johann BOHL and families followed in the next five years. Any other siblings known? E-mail: millie.rickey@gte.net

Information wanted on my Great-Great Grandparents Johann (John) BOIKE (born January 12, 1848 in or near Burg Stargard, Pommern, Prussia) and Wilhemine (Minnie) BOIKE (nee Pardeik, born November 11, 1852 in or near Schmolsin, Pommern, Prussia.). Mimmie arrived July 20, 1872, with her parents Gustav (August) and Henriette Pardeik (nee Weit) on the ship FREIHANDEL and John on April 18, 1872 with the ship HERMANN in New York. E-mail: JohnnyBHome@cs.com

Looking for information on Herman E. BOORTZ, born in Pommern, Preussen, in the providence of Brandenberg on October 20, 1854, married Otillia Krueger. They emigrated to the USA in 1881. Herman's father was August Boortz. E-mail: autumncello@hotmail.com

Seeking information on family of my great great grandfather Johann BORNEKE, born about 1837, married to Mary or Maria, born about 1840. They left Hamburg 1877 on ship 'Frisia' for the US with their 5 children, settled in MN. After Johann died, Mary (Maria) married Peter BAUMGARTNER and had 2 girls with him. E-mail: nancylouise3@yahoo.com

Information wanted on Sophie BOROSCHEK. Her parents were Abraham BOROSCHEK (born June 22, 1882 in Jaratschewo, died 1943 in Auschwitz) and Lieschen HOPP (born May 10, 1886 in Moschin, died 1943 in Auschwitz). Sophie lived with Garbaty-Rosenthal in Berlin-Pankow, then with her parents in Central Berlin, Brunnenstrasse 16. E-mail Dr. Lang at: jol.tue@t-online.de

Looking for information on the family of Christ. and Dora BOSSE and son Christ of Bismark. They emigrated to the US before 1880. JCarlB@aol.com

Looking for information on the family of Christ. and Dora BOSSE and son Christ of Bismark. They emigrated to the US before 1880.

Info wanted on Valentine (BROADWAY) BOWER or BOWERS, born 1851 in Prussia. U.S. 1880 Census lists his wife as Cordelia and as residing in Pennsylvania. Please send any info to: custompix@fuse.net

Need info on Frederick Rudolph BOWMAN (Baumann) born in Stettin, Prussia, June 26, 1823. My e-mail address is bethr@fidnet.com

Information wanted on Theodor BOY, born November 1861 in Wussow, Pomerania. I believe his father was Karl Boy and his mother Johanna. He emigrated to USA about 1880. Dessa Fountaine at DessaLynn@aol.com

Seek information on John Herman BRADKE, born 31 Mar 1841 in Grensco, Pomerania, married Marie Bushhagen (20 Sep 1844 - Oct 1920), Garmon/Jarmon, Germany on 11 Oct 1866, arrived in New York from Hamburg 27 Oct 1873 on ship Saxonia. E-mail: DEarlSmith@prodigy.net

I am looking for any information on my great great grandfather Bernhart BRAMET. Death certificate indicates born 1813 Prussia Europe, died 1895 Dubuque, Iowa. Any assistance is appreciated. Contact wynder@earthlink.net

Looking for parents of John David BRANDENBURG, born 1769 in Mossow/Massow, his wife Anna Christina SUCHOW, who died 12 June 1854 in Stettin. Thank you. Please contact Rosanna Brandenburg Masley at rbm3@po.cwru.edu

Daniel BRASASCH, Kolberg, Pommern, married to Marie (RATHER), born approx. 1820/30. Any information appreciated. E-mail: goldentdi@cs.com

I am searching for information on Fredrich(?) R. BRASSART, born around 1844 or 45 in Prussia. I have found him in the 1870 census in Calvert, Texas with wife Lavonia Holloman from Georgia. E-mail: Lbull50@aol.com

Wilhelmine Auguste BRAUN was born in Riesenburg, West Prussia, 20 August 1847. Her siblings born there were Michael, Anna Maria, Charles. Seeking POB, DOB, DOM of parents Michael BRAUN and Ernestine CHUDOBBA. E-mail Glenn Witte at wglenne@aol,com

Seeking information on history and migration of any BREHMER residing in Stettin, Pomerania, area. Charles A. Brehmer, cab13@lightspeed.net

Ernst Friedrick BRODHAGEN from Tribsow, Kreis Cammin, Pommern. He was born in 1796, his wife Dorothea HAFERMEISTER. E-mail: SBrodhagen@kscable.com

I am looking for any information on my great great grandfather Adolph BROCKHOFF showeesharon@yahoo.com

I am attempting to find out more information on my great grandfather Frederick August BROKOB, who was born in Koeslin (Pommern). He was born in 1862, and came to the States in 1887, settling in Roslyn, New York. E-mail: DMcm844236@aol.com

Looking for information on Johann BRONESKE, born 1783 in Pomerania, emigrated to Bessarabia around 1800. E-mail: petenweens@yahoo.com

Karl August Hermann BRUESKE, son of tailor Johann BRUESKE and wife Johanna Karolina POCKRANDT, was born in Neu Schoenwalde, District Regenwalde, Pomerania, Prussia, on Oct. 21, 1841. Baptism by Pastor Regenspurg. Another source: son of the tailor (Schneider) Gotlieb Bruske. LReed21355@aol.com

Looking for information about Henrietta Julia BRUGGER of Prussia, who married Thomas Lewis. Siblings: George, Harvey, Frances, Jack, Herbert, Hubert, Emily. E-mail: jenilee_p@hotmail.com

Information wanted on the family name BRUNKE. E-mail: vampirlestat@hotmail.com

Information wanted about my family BROITZMANN/BRUITZMAN, who apparently came from Brojcz (Polish name) or Broitz (German name) in Pomerania, than moved to Holland in 1824. E-mail: hans.bruitzman@defence.gov.au

Information wanted on the family name BRUNKE . E-mail: vampirlestat@hotmail.com

Information wanted on my grandfather John Carl BUBLITZ, born 19 Jan 1858, Kammerau (about 65 km S. E. of Danzig), Prussia. His parents were Jacob BUBLITZ and Elizabeth BROOKMAN. Grandfather moved to the US about1870. Any information appreciates Harry Matthews, e-mail: HA3@AOL.com

Information wanted on Ferdinand BUEGE, born 1858, died 1921 in Wilson county of Winona Mn., was a colonel in the Prussian Army. E-mail: chef@powerweb.net

Looking for information on Anna Christie von BUELOW 1797-1856 as to whom she was descended from. Thought to be a cousin of Bernhard Ernst von BUELOW or Adolf von BUELOW. E-mail: bbates+@pitt.edu

Seeking information on Michael BURGER, b. 1820, Christina BURGER, b. 1827, or their children Frederick Fritz, Emily, August, Augusta (twins) and Anna - who were born in Prussia. Frederick Fritz emigrated to the US and married Ellen BROMLEY in 1871 in Gasconade County, MO. E-mail Kendra Potter: kpotter@aafp.org

Information wanted on Herman BUSCH, born in Hanover, married to Caroline (unknown), born in Prussia. E-mail: sgillespie@fuse.net

My mother's family came to Brisbane Australia in 1890. Her father's name was Reinhold Carl BUSE, born 24/03/1858 in Kowald, Pommern. He married in Simensien or Schmenzien. His father's name was Wilhelm BUSE. I search for information on my ancestors. E-mail: wesley@maxspeed.net.au

I am searchng for Information on Harm (Hiram) Dirks BUSS (Bufs). A Kansas census says born in Prussia. His wife was born in Holland. Tetje Hedden Buss cristytuttle@hotmail.com

Information wanted on descendants and ancestors of Johann Frederick BUSSIAN, who was married to Carolyn (or Caroline) Grotzke (1840-1915). They probably were members of Wutzig Lutheran Church for Johann's son Albert Charles was confirmed there on Palm Sunday April 10, 1881 and attended the Birkholz Parochial School in Koslin, Pomerania. E-mail: irvan28@excite.com

I would like very much to hear from anyone with information regarding the name BUDFULOSKI, BUTWILOWSKI, BUTWILOFSKI. fcmgr@lightspeed.net

Gotlieb BUETTNER was born 18 February 1813 in Bueche, Pommern. Looking for info about his father Johann and mother Maria BLEECH. E-mail Glenn Witte at wglenne@aol.com

I am researching the BYZEWSKI (Bisewski, Besewsky) family from Karwia, district of Nowe Miasto, West Prussia, in the government jurisdiction of Gdansk. E-mail: meiers@ruralaccess.net



Information wanted on the name CALLEN from Prussia. They emigrated to the USA to the turn of the 20th century. E-mail: Rlef123698@aol.com

Information wanted about the direct descendants of Wilhelm CALLIES. E-mail: LEROYINBAMA@aol.com

Hermann CAMPSEN/CAMPSON/KEMPSEN/KEMPSON. emigrated to Charleston (South Carolina) in the early 1800s. M. Kempson, c/o St James School, St. James, Maryland, 21781. E-mail: mmkempson@stjames.edu

Hey Everybody! I am looking for any information about people named CEJROWSKI, who came to the United States at the end of the 19th century. I don't know the names and I am looking for any information! That is my family! Tia <crazy_cow@cheerful.com>

I am looking for the CHEMALASKI background. Told it was Prussian. E-mail: Hunglow1948@aol.com

Information wanted on the family of Frederic Monroe CHESKY from Prussia, born June 21, 1877. He arrived in America between 1880-1890. Brenda Lee Jennings at Bdtj@aol.com

Information wanted on the family of CHUDOBBA from Riesenburg in West Prussia. Anyone knowing of this family, please contact Joanne. E-mail: JoanneHeinzHowse@aol.com

Information wanted on Jews from Pomerania, Prussia, who became inmates of NAZI-CONCENTRATION CAMPS. For details look under
a) Sophie BOROSCHEK (29.01.1910 in Moschin)
b) Hugo HAARZOPF (20.08.1896 in Grätz/Posen)
c) Else LEIBHOLZ geb. Seelig (20.07.1889 in Glowitz)
d) Hermann PINKUS (16.01.1903 in Mrotschen/Posen)
e) Gustav SEELIG (14.11.1878 in Bandsechow/Stolp)
f) Julia Alice SIMON geb. Remak (30.08.1887 in Posen)

Looking for any information on Max F. CLASSEN, born in Pommern 1885, emigrated to U.S. in 1910, married Wilhelmina Birmele in Madison, Mn. in 1911, changed spelling to Klasse shortly thereafter. E-mail: ejaynes@infonline.net

I am looking for information on the CROTZ surname in Prussia. E-mail: katevr@hotmail.com

I am looking for information on my great, great maternal grandmother, Caroline CZIRR KRAUSE, b. 5/25/1856, d. 9/27/1929. She was born in Pommern and emigrated to Syracuse, New York. E-mail: JSOTHERD@aol.com

I am looking for information about the last name CZMOWSKY. It was changed to CZMOWSKI when my ancestors came to the United States. Please e-mail wattierl@aol.com




Information wanted on the family of DAHLKE from Pomerania, Prussia. E-mail: hrttohrt@hotmail.com

Mein Grossvater Friedrich Wilhelm DAUN wurde am 20.Juli 1881 in Budsin geboren. Seine Mutter war eine Geborene Kuehn. Hatte er Geschwister? Wann zog er nach Duesseldorf? Ich moechte eine Biographie schreiben. A. Koopmann, e-mail adresse: a.koopman@sympatico.ca

My Grandfather Friedrich Wilhelm DAUN was born 20.7.1881 in Budsin (Budzyn). His mother was Pauline Kuehn. Could somebody help me with additional info? Astrid Koopmann at a.koopman@sympatico.ca

Information wanted on my 3rd great grandfather Oscar (Osa, Oser, Asher, Osr) DAVIS. He was born in Prussia, but lived 1815 in England, from where he was shipped in 1815 to Australia and died. Please reply to family.tree@paradise.net.nz

Information wanted on DEFFKE, immigrated from Holland in the mid to late 1800's, farmed in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, until mid 1900's. Furthest back patriarch: Guy DEFFKE org. from Scottsbluff, Nebraska. E-mail: yayuti@prodigy.net (Laura Fernandez)

Looking for DEHN, August, Auguste, Carl, Bertha, Frieda, Ericka, Paul, Emile, Anna, Herta 1820-1910 in Stolp, Hundsts 5. Reply mstange12@wideopenwest.com

Does anyone know anything about the DELIVER surname? I was told they were from Prussia? Or the surname Diehl? I would like to know about either of them. Thank you! mainekoonmama1@aol.com

Looking for information on Beata Erika DETTMER. She came to the US from Prussia approx. 1927. I believe her father's name is Conrad DETTMER. With information contact D.B. Pavlik at altru28@yahoo.com

Looking for information on William DIEHL, born in 1836. He moved to USA and settled in Madison County, Ohio. E-mail: levans@tampabay.rr.com

Information wanted on the families of John (or Johan) DISCHER and wife Henriette (GUMP) DISCHER, both born in Pomerania (1843 & 1852respectively). They came to America between 1877-1880 with 3 children and had 2 more children in Chicago IL. E-mail me at: C2it20670@aol.com

I'm looking for any information of the DITTBERNER family. Came to Baltimore, MD in 1874 with 1 child, Augustav DITTBERNER. Any information would be wonderful. E-mail to richarddittberner@hotmail.com

Information wanted on the DOELLING family from Prussia, email clance_d@juno.com

Information wanted on John DORFLEIN, age 26, blacksmith, and Lucia VOGEL, age 28. Both left Schunder, Prussia, for Ohio on the ship Theodor Koerner and arrived in Baltimore, USA, July 26, 1834 (Now seven generations in USA). E-mail:rnobbe@seidata.com

Information wanted on DRAGER family members emigrated from Prussia to South East Queensland around 1880 - 1900. E-mail: wattenbo@tpg.com.au

Looking for information on the DRAWZ family. Johann DRAWZ, his wife Wilhelmine MILZ and is 4 children came to America in 1834. They were married in Bresin, Pommern. E-mail: Sharon Smyth at jhiland@ix.netcom.com

I am looking for any information on a family line named DREGER or DREIGER, who may have lived in Pomerania in the 18 + 1800's. E-mail: gyackulic@shaw.ca

I am looking for information on my ggpa Fritz or Henry F. Druckhammer, born 2/2/1854, place unknown, and Augusta Moratz(?), born 11/17/1850, Pommern, Prussia. Children: Emma, Annie, Louis, Otto and Minnie. E-mail: krohrer@jacobsmarketing.com

Looking for information on Augustus Robin DRZEWSKI, born in Poland abt 1760. He emigrated to Prussia and changed last name to HOLZ. His son Johann Gottlieb Lothar HOLZ was born in Stargard, Pomerania, Prussia, about 1793. Email: jthomas3321@attbi.com

Information wanted on the family of my ggfather Ferdinand DUEHNING, born in Pommern 1828/32, married a Henrietta and/or Charlotte GEISE/FISCHER, possibly emigrated to the US with one wife, then returned to Pommern to bring back another, settled in WI, then NE. Donna Schoening at dlschoen@GTE.net

I have only recently learned of my Pomeranian family, the DUEHNING family. I knew of my Welsh and Irish roots, but to have this information is invaluable. I always thought we were Polish or German. I will use your website as a start and research family's my true past. E-mail:  joan_richardson@sbcglobal.net

Information wanted on my gg-grandfather, Frederick Conrad DUNKER/DUNCKER (born Sept 3, 1827 in Hannover, Germany). His father, my ggg-grandfather- Albert Frederick DUNKER/DUNCKER (born about 1795 in Prussia) and his mother, my ggg-grandmother - Doretha COLLEY (born about 1799 in Prussia). If you have any information please contact me at Senithf57@webtv.net


Seeking information on Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm EBERT, born 1787, married 6 Nov 1818 Sophia Louisa PREY in Gervin. Father was Christian EBERT, a blacksmith of Drosedow. E-mail: katherine.handy@gte.net

I am looking for relatives and/or information about John J. EDER, George EDER, and Eva EDER, all descendants of Carl EDER and Catherine GROPSHT, all from Prussia (Schnangsten), circa 1900. Please e-mail Jack: lastguard@usa.net

Looking for the last name EGDORF from Vor-Pommern. Traced family to small towns near Stralsund. Spelling could also be EGGEDORF, EGGERSDORF, EGGERSDORP, EGGERSDORPP, ect.. E-mail: Joe Egdorf at EGGYBREW@aol.com

Information wanted on the family of Walter EGGEBRECHT, born 21 Feb. 1911, married to Anna Stuhl. E-mail: apesfordana@msn.com

I am looking for information on relatives (ancestors) of Herman EGGERT (1860-1928) and Martha SASS EGGERT (1860-1923) both came from Hinterpommern (Pomerania) to the Sheboygan, Wi. area in ? and were married in 1884. E-mail: raydar@setnet.net

I am researching William EHLERT, born Feb 21, 1863 in Pommern, left 1887 for US to Chicago IL, then to Michigan. If you have information contact me at e-mail: EEH2198@aol.com

Researching surname EICHSTAEDT. Emigrated from Borin, Greifenhagen, Pommern in 1800's to Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA. Contact Ron at eichstae@frontiernet. net

Seeking information about Johann Gottfried (or son Wilhelm) EICHSTADT or EICHSTAEDT. He emigrated to Wisconsin around 1873 from Rostock and may have lived in Deutch-Krone or Ludwighorst. E-mail: geichteadt@hotmail.com

Information wanted on George A. EICHSTEDT, born in Danzig area July 13, 1851, came to America 1872 and settled in Nebraska along with wifes family, the Garbes. The remaining family in Germany moved to Hamburg after the war. E-mail: judea777@msn.com

I am looking for information on a Hannah Marie ELLERT, born about 1790. She married a Alexander Wolff, who was born about 1789 in Vienna. E-mail: richard_durand@hotmail.com

Information wanted on ERDMANN family from Ottendorf bei Naugard, Pommern. My great grandfather was Wilhelm Albert Bernhard ERDMANN. His parents were Anna-Marie Zander and Karl Wilhelm ERDMANN. He went to Southwest Africa as a soldier on the boat Luczia in March 1904. Left behind 2 sisters (Bertha Charlotte, Augusta Helena)and 3 brothers. E-mail: salomeerdmann@hotmail.com

Information wanted Gottlieb ERDMANN BACKHAUS, born October 04, 1811 Farbezin, East Prussia, married in 1837 Louise Laerman, born January 08, 1813. They had eight children. E-mail: brendaeddy@charter.netd on Carl

I am looking for any information on the family of Johann Wilhelm ERDMANN, who was born in Woedkte, Griefenberg in 1818. Contact me at MornMyst@aol.com

Information wanted on Richard ERNST, born October 15, 1869, in Koenigsberg/Preussen (Prussia), emigrated to Great Britain. Please contact b.ernst@herborn.de

Looking for any information on Bernardus ERNTEMAN, married 18 OCT 1802 in Sankt Mariae Himmelfahrt katholisch, Bosseborn, Westfalen, Preussen. He may be my great-great grandfather. Perhaps emigrated to England mid-1800's. Email: buttereg@muskoka.com

Any info on ESPOLT from Pomerania will be appreciated. Christian and Sophia ESPOLT travelled to the U.S. with children Charles and William. Trying to connect Christian ESPOLT with Christina ESPOLT. E-mail: ask.fred2@verizon.net

Information wanted on Fred and Maria EWALD from either East or West Prussia. They were born before 1850 and emigrated before 1890 to Brown County, Minnesota. E-mail: Danporter@jps.net



I am looking for the FABIAN's from Stettin area. Their cousins came from Grieskow, Cammin, Dobberphul. I have all birth dates, the ship's name and more, just want to find the town. Arv Fabian at mustard@rconnect.com

I am looking for information on the ancestors of my Grandfather John Louis Reinhold FALBE, born 1 Dec. 1855 at Lohneetz, Marienwerder, Prussia. He emigrated to Belleville, Illinois at the age of 17 with his mother Anna. His father was Louis Falbe. E-mail: Falbej@excite.com

Looking for info on Frank FALK born in Pommern on December 8, 1853 and for Alvina KOEHLER born March 26, 1867 in Stettin, Pommern, Prussia. Both came to Wisconsin and were married in the U.S. between 1886-1889. E-mail: wsfalk@newnorth.net

Seeking information on Fred W. FELDT, born 25 March 1866) in Pommern, came to Juda, Green County, Wisconsin, in 1873 with his parents August FELDT (b. 1841) and Wilhelmina BRANDT (b. abt. 1845). Contact Margot at householddrudge@charter.net

Information wanted on my ggggrandparents from Daberkow, Pomerania, John FEUERHAMMER (b. 07/13/1810, d. 02/8/1869) and Charlotta SCHULZ (b. 05/8/1821,d. 03/11/1907).They married in 1840 and had as children: Wilhelmina, Henrietta, Ferdinand, Julius, Johann, Edward, Catarina, Louisa, Franz, Otto and Johannes. Ferdinand is my gggradfather and was born in San Schoune, Pommern, 05/13/1847,died04/4/1932. They arrived in the US 1855. Port of entry unknown. Ferdinand married Wilhelmina WEISENBURG (b. 12/22/1853, d. 04/21/1912) of Washington County, WI, on 09/27/1872. Both are buried at New Fane, WI. Their children are: August, Ida, Helena, Emma, John, Marie, Henry, Paul and Arthur - all born in Kewaskum, WI. E-mail Cheryl Buettner Price: candsprice@earthlink.net

My grandfather, Karl (Charles) FICK left Stettin with his parents around 1880 and settled in Wisconsin. Are there still Ficks in Stettin or area? Mary Rose at mary.b.rose@home.com

I am searching for information on Oscar (Oskar) FIMMEL. E-mail: rocki66@aol.com

Information wanted on Albert Wilhelm FISCHER, born 02-22-1829 in Pomerania, died 03-01-1884 in Town of Herman, Dodge County, Wi.. He was married 1853 to Auguste TESCH, born 08-01-1832 in Pomerania, died 03-27-1913 in Town of Herman. Both emigrated in May, 1868 to America with the children Wilhelm, August, Albert, Johann, Hermann and Ferdinand, as well as Miss Anna FISCHER at home, and Ida, wife of Max Schroeder, of Mayville. Contact Bev Oakley underB1316@aol.com

Information wanted on John August FISCHER and Amelia Florence Paegel. John came from Marienfelde, Pommerm, Maurer. He was born May 20, 1846 and died December 14, 1928. She was born July 03, 1870 in Prussia and died September 09,1919 in Oregon, Illinois. E-mail: maemobile@hotmail.com

I am looking for any information on my GG Grandfather Gottlieb FISCHER, born 30-7-1838 in Wangerin, Pomerania. He was married to Caroline BENTZ, born 11-10-1838. They came to the US in 1888, settled in WI. E-mail toCandiCane100@aol.com

I am looking for the Prussian home of Caspar FISHER, born April 8, 1824. He emigrated to Grant County, Iowa, sometime in his youth. Possible Prussian occupation, sailor. E-mail: iv1n@aol.com

Solicito informacoes sobre meus ancestrais na Pomerania. FISS Mauro Jose.E-mail: lgraca@zaz.com.br

I am seeking the following family names; FLORKIW, Stangret, Wagner, Seitz, Rech in order to complete many years of family history. These families lived in Galicia, Ukraine, some parts of Prussia and Sweden. E-mail: darwinwagner@shaw.ca or write: 607 Avenue W South, Saskatoon, Canada S7M 4E3. Tel.: 306-384-0118

Looking for info on Wilhelm FORSTNER, born 1-24-1841 in Fritzaw, Pomerania, married Karoline WALLSCHLARGER, b. 3-10-1845 in Baumgarten. Karoline's parents were Johann WALLSCHLARGER, b. 6-8-1800 in Baumgarten, Pomerania, and died 12-2-1863 in Cammin and Johanna Caroline LEVERENZ, b. 4-18-1818 in Drewitz and died 1-12-1894 . To where can I write to verify this info? mhthompson@prodigy.net

Carl FREDERICK (33 years), his wife Frederike (32 years), and three children, August (7 years), Wilhelm (4 years) and Wilhelmine (3 years) left Germany (Prussia) on board the ship 'Alfred' and arrived in Capetown, South Africa on the 11 August 1860. Can anybody give me information on this family? E-mal: gtm@icon.co.za

Juliane Maria FREDRICH married Gottfried MILLER in 1826 in Hoff, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern. She was the daughter of David ERDMANN FREDRICHand Maria GAULKE. Looking for any additional information. E-mail: rosedon@gateway.net

My greatgrandfather  Frederich Ludwig Ernst FREIBERG was born in Naseband, Pommern, about 1850. He married Auguste Ulrike Lubke at Balfanz, Pommern, 12th Decemger 1879. They arrived in Queensland around 1880/1. Looking for imformation that may help me find the correct resourses. E-mail: jdinte@bigpond.com

I would like information on FRENZ. Great grandfather Carl Johann FRENZ emigrated from Pommern (no city known) in 1880 for Dakota county Minnesota in USA. His father, Frederick FRENTZ, also emigrated near the same time. Contact Gregory Franz at e-mail: gcfranz@imation.com or gcfranz@juno.com

Looking for information about my GG Grandfather FREYN, who emigrated from Ober Engelbach, Prussia in 1851 and was born there September 6, 1824. He settled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. E-mail: Es1Kay1@aol.com

I am looking for information about Adam FRIDAY, born in Prussia in 1839, later emigrated to Green Lake, Wisconsin, USA. Thanks, callen@cableone.net

We are descendants of Casper Heinrich FROBOSE and understand, he was in the Prussian Army in mid to late 1800's. Any information will be much appreciated. E-mail:jfrobose@yahoo.com

I am searching for information of the family FRUGGEL from Lauenburg and Luggewiese, Pomerania. Any lead would be much appreciated. garry@stamm.ca

Seeking information about Clara Charlotte FUERCHTEGOTT of Pomerania (exact birthplace and date unknown). She married Frederick ZIEMANN. My great-grandfather, Johann Ernst Gottlieb ZIEMANN (b. 5 Oct 1829 in Zuelshagen, Kreis Dramburg) was one of their sons. E-mail: Quita22456@aol.com

Looking for any info on Louisa Hannah FURSTENAU (1851-1927), born in Hitzdorf, Arnswalde, Brandenburg, married Fredrich Wilhelm PENKE in USA - Green Lake or Ripon, Wisconsin. Fredrich came to USA 1873. E-mail: davidripon61@aol.com




Information wanted on Mary Katherine GASTRUCK, GASTROCH or GASTREICH, born about 1813 and married to George LEMKE, emigrated to U.S. 1845, settled in Pennsylvania and may have come from Stargard, Pomerania. E-mail: flamca9978@aol.com

I am looking for relatives with the name GAUERKE. They came to Wisconsin from Pommern, probably in the 1860s. Contact Sid Meyer (Treighnor@aol.com)

My great grandfather Johann August Albert GAUL, born 1856 in Pommern, was in the Prussian army in the mid 1870s. He served in the 17th regiment of the Prussian Feld Artillerie, Bromberg, West Prussia. In September 1882 he emigrated to Michigan (Tawas City) USA and married Johanna NELSON from Sweden. I would really appreciate any help in the search for his town of birth and/or about his military record. Jim Goodheart at JBoncoeur@aol.com

Maria GAULKE was married to David ERDMANN FREDRICH and lived in Hoff, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern. They were the parents of Juliane Maria FREDRICH, who married Gottfried MILLER. Any information appreciated. E-mail: rosedon@gateway.net

Information wanted on my great grandfather Johann Christoph GAULKE, born 1802 in Rotternau, Pomerania, Prussia. He married Carolina Wilhelmine Friederike TIETZ, born 1808. They came to American on the ship "Schiller" from Hamburg on 6 May 1852. E-mail: Marion A. Smith at masmith@ilikeit.net

I'm searching for information on my ancestors from Pomerania. My great great grandfather, Friedrich Ferdinand GEHRMANN, came to America from Henkenhagen, which was located between Colberg and Coeslin, in 1867.E-mail: ccblmtbt@freewwweb.com

I am looking for relatives of Wilhelm Otto GENRICH, born 1893. E-mail: kraetzer@privat.utfors.se

I am looking for ansestors of Gustav R GENSEBURG (born 26 Nov 1856 Altwarp, P, Prussia, died 1882) and Wilhelminia F Kathrina (born 16 Feb 1860 Altwarp, P, Prussia, died Apr/May 1882 Altwarp, P,Prussia) E-mail: brandonclark78@hotmail.com

Looking for GERSONDE family from Viartlum, Pommern, Prussia.E-mail: Gusty050@aol.com

I am searching for information on Johann GEYER, who came from Prussia to the United States August 14, 1883. I believe he is my grandfather. E-mail: Lrgphxaz@aol.com

I'm looking for any info about my great grandparents John and Francis GILLEN, who came to the U.S. from PRUSSIA in 1874. My grandfather Peter GILLEN was born in Prussia on April 10, 1868. E-mail: LMorrisseyJordan@gateway.net

I am searching for the genealogy of Henry Gideon M. GLAVE, who came to the US in 1843. He was born Jan. 22, 1818 somewhere in Germany or Prussia. E-mail Raymond Glave at rcglave@intermedia.com. 

Looking for GLOBKE family. Parents: Anna (born 1810) and Karl, daughter: Henrietta Karoline (born Dec. 29, 1937) from Pommern, Prussia. E-mail: tiny_twerp@hotmail.com

Look for information about my great grandfather Bruno GLOBKE, born in East Prussia around 1886. E-mail turntide@xtra.co.nz

Information wanted on relatives of my great great grandparents Minard and Wilhelmina GNEWIKOW, from Prussia, born between 1810 to 1820. They settled in Wisconsin, Monroe County, Township of Ridgeville, where I live. They had 2 children born in Prussia, Fred, my great-grandfather and a daughter, then 3 children born in Wisconsin. Email: dgiese@elroynet.com

Information wanted on the GOAVGIEL family from Sapsckin, Poland/Russia and his wife Kate Harmacinski
form Prussia. In the age of three he came to America. There are other family members. E-mail: blutatrose@aol.com

I am searching for info on my ggrandmothers family. The surname was GOBELE. I have reason to believe they came from Prussia. Any help would be appreciated. E-mail Kimberly at Lainey1865Chr@aol.com

I am looking for the surnames GOEDKE and/or GANSHOW  (1770-1850) from Pommerania or Prussia? E-mail: F2magpie@aol.com(fyfe)

Information wanted on Carl GOLCHERT, b. abt 1840, and Caroline BORREE, b. abt 1840, from Klein Jannewitz, Kreis Lauenburg, Pommern. Children and their spouses are Johanna Golchert, Albert Rudolf Ferdinand Golchert 1865 - 1952 and Paulina Winifred Czech 1866 - 1940, Rudolph Golcher Sr. 1870 and Bertha Wenzlaff 1876, Theresa Albertine Golchert 1879 and Rudolph Carl Schalk 1878, Richard Fredrich Golchert 1880 - 1966 and Alma Birr 1889 - 1951, Paul Herrmann Golchert 1882 - 1965 and Anna B. Dode 1886 - 1975, Fredrich Wilhelm Golchert 1884 and Teresa Kline 1892. E-mail Joanne Fletcher at Joan1948@aol.com

My grandfather was Joseph GOOSE; mother's name was ADEL and Grandmother's CHAMKA. They came to the US around 1900 from Prussia. Want more information about name and town. SatoriDoc@aol.com

Looking for information on GOTTSCHALKS from Pommern - 1800's. August and Herman GOTTSCHALK. Also Ferdinand GOTTSCHALK. My email: mek@io.com

The Samuel Friedrich GRAMLOW FAMILY history follows 2,700+ individuals in the descending lines of 3 of Samuel's 8 known children. Almost all Gramlow surname individuals found in US and Canada are verified descendants of Samuel. History contains extensive Pommern research and documentation on the rare surname Gramlow. E-mail: granykratz@plateautel.net

Searching for Rudolph and Gustav GRAUNKE, who came to America in the 1860s with their mother. They were from Prussia. E-mail: Theolgeezer@aol.com

Information wanted about Herman GREINKE, born Apr 8, 1883 in Glowitz, Pomerania. He emigrated to the USA early 1900. His fathers name was August GREINKE. E-mail: kgreinke@hotmail.com

Looking for information on the GRIESBACH family of Hasenberg, near Schneidemuehl, Prussia. E-mail: hawton@barint.on.ca

Any information on GRIESBACH family from Altwald Pommern, Prussia, e-mail to meeno3@chibardun.net

Looking for information on ANDREAS GRIMM, who was born 1718 in Pommern, Prussia. He came to the United States and married a MARGARET (?). I am possibly a descendant through their son, JOHN GRIMM, born Oct. 15, 1753,in York, PA. E-mail Sandra Ellington-Freeman at sfremax@aol.com

Information wanted on GROSHSKI, GROSKI or GROSKE from Prussia. Contact purd1dog@aol.com

Carl (Charles) GROSSKOPF, born 26 Feb.1809 in Pommern, married Friederike MARKS (born 27 July, 1822) obout 1843, came to USA April 30 1873 on steamship Humboldt (Ger). My name is Dennis Grosskopf. Carl and Friederike are my great great grandparents. I would like to know more about them and who their parents were. E-mail: totebag@execpc.com

I want information regarding my ancestor Johann August Karl GROTH, who emigrated to the United States in 1894 from Rothenfier, Hohen, Pommern.E-mail: ggeorge322@aol.com

Family information requested on Michael GRUBAUGH, born 1752 in Prussia. His wife Margaret married in Prussia in 1769 and their son Johnathan GRUBAUGH was born 1780 in Prussia. E-mail: Yukon78@centuryinter.net

I am looking for information on Wilhelmina Augusta Albestine GRUCHOW and her family. She was born on November 29th, 1863. Her father was Carl Gruchow. E-mail: jlwelnak@cablespeed.com

Seeking information on Albertina GRUGHOW (GROUCHO), born in Pommern 21 Jun 1835, married Herman EBERT, died 15 Nov 1902, KS. E-mail: katherine.handy@gte.net

Information wanted on Karl/Carl GRUNAU, wife Louisa HINZ and family. From West Prussia they emigrated 1874 with children Friedrich, Wihelmine, Julius, Hermann and August to the US (Baltimore, then Cleveland, OH). Contact Diane Grunau Ruffner at bdruffner@juno.com

Information wanted on Charles Joseph GRUNDMANN, born about 1840-1844, came to USA from Stralsund about 1868 -1870 with sister Johanna Maria Josephine GRUNDMANN VETTERICK, born 1832-38 in Berlin. E-mail: jimblume@earthlink.net

I am searching for information of my ancestors, mainly my father's grandmother. Her name was Octavia von GRUNEWALD, who had to flee with her parents from Prussia. I understand, that she was born a baroness. This could be inaccurate. They ended up on the East coast of Iceland. E-mail: rmtheiler@bluewin.ch

The GRUNZ family arrived in U.S. from Prussia 1882, settling in Illinois. E-mail: macrealmac@aol.com

Information wanted on the grandparents of Gen. Heinz GUDERIAN and first cousin, "HATTIE" GUDERIAN, born 8/14/1884, from Culm/Sulm Prussia. Hattie's parents emigrated to Pomeroy, IA and were drowned in 1895. dahmad@n2mail.com

Looking for information on my g-grandfather/grandmother Frederick GUENTHER (GUNTHER)/ Teresa LAMPE. They emigrated from Pomerania/Prussia to US about 1873. E-mail: rpgmfg@att.net

My father Walter GUMPERT was born in Ratzenbuhr in 1902. My grandfather was Isidor Gumpert, one of 11 children. I am looking for any relatives of my family. Please write to Ruth R. Gumpert: josesilv@us.ibm.com

Information wanted on g-g-grandfather Carl GUSE, born around 1820,married Caroline ABRAHAM, born 29 Mar. 1820. Michael ABRAHAM and Elizabeth PINSKE, baptized Garnsee WP, married 1842. 3rd son to USA (Chicago) in1869. Caroline came with five family members to USA (Chicago) in 1875. Both groups listed Naseband as residence. Family married into POST, KLABUNDE, FISCHER, PAPKEAND GLUTH families around Naseband , Villnow and Barwalde. Richard Guse, e-mail RFGMGUSEBAOK@aol.com

Looking for information on John Gottlieb GUSE, born Aug. 11, 1841 in Prussia, married Florentina Streitz (Streiff, Strieff). E-mail Jan Jasko at jjasko@acninc.net



Information wanted on Wilhelm Julius Alber HAACK, son of Daniel Gottlieb HACK and Caroline HOFS, born 17 Dec. 1842 in Hinterpommern, married Maria Louis KORGAN, daughter of John Korgen (Korgan) and Maria Korgen (Korgan), born 3 June 1854. E-mail: whaack2344@aol.com

I am looking for information about the family of Augusta Charlotte HAACK, born in Lepin, August 30, 1867. She had a brother and two sisters: Minnie and Johanna. Johanna died at age 29. Augusta came to the US at age 13. E-mail: dalm@qconline.com

Information wanted on Dr. Karl Wilhelm HAACKE, born 1803 in Werden near Potsdam, Brandenburg, Prussia. His wife was Fredricka Charlotte Wilhelmina STOCHOW. His son is Karl Fredrick Heinrich HAACKE. E-mail: bhaacke@networld.com.

Information wanted on Hugo HAARZOPF. He was merchant. His last address was Berlin-Penzlauer Berg, Schoenhauser Allee 41. Hugo was married to Paula Haarzopf (born June 21, 1907 in Graudenz, West Prussia, died 1943 in Auschwitz). The couple had the daughter Eva (born March 28, 1933, died 1943 in Auschwitz). Hugo’s parents were Hans HAARZOPF (born January 10, 1890 in Graetz, died 1943 Auschwitz) and Hedwig (born January 11, 1885 in Graetz, died 1942 in Reval). E-mail Dr. Lang at: jol.tue@t-online.de

I am searching for information on Hermann HAASCH, believed from Pommerania. His family may have settled in California. E-mail: Jsousa420@aol.com

I want information regarding my ancestor Albertine Friedericke Wilhelmine HABECK, who emigrated to the United States in 1894. E-mail: ggeorge322@aol.com

Looking for the Prussian family of Richard and Walter HAFERKORN. Walter was a tool and die maker. They had another brother Herbert and a sister Josephina. They were born in Danzig and then relocated to Dresden prior to coming to the U.S early 1900's. E-mail: Cynthia.S.Hayford@usa.xerox.com

Searching for information on Herman HAHN and Johanna MIX of Selesen, Prussia. They emigrated to Reedsburg, Wisconsin, USA, about 1897. Also looking for location of Selesen and Retz. Reply to mizscarlit@aol.com

I am the great grandson of Hans Henry HAMANN, born in northern Germany 1836. He would have immigrated to Scott County, Iowa, USA before 1867. My cousins and I are stuck as to where he came from. roger8961@msn.com

Looking in Germany for relatives of August HARDT, who came from Hermelsdorf, Kreis Naugard, Pommern, Prussia, to America in 1892. KHendr8413@aol.com

Karl HARTER, born April 30, 1825 in Rutzebirter, Pommern, Prussia, father of Albertina, Heine, Fritz, emigrated to Chicago approximately 1825. E-mail: kathleen@jorsm.com

Would like any information on John Fredrick Christian HARTLEBEN or Godfried MATZ, SCHENK, BERNARDE. E-mail: smalueg@yahoo.com

Searching for relatives of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm HARTWIG, born May 21, 1831, in Ottendorf, Kreis Naugard, Pomerania, Prussia. Father's name Michael, mother's was Wilhelmine Friederike (surname unknown). Contact Carol Bowen mcbowen@charter.net

Information wanted on Johann Fraederick or Herman Henry HECKENBERG. Johann was born 1828, christened in the Evangelisch Lutheran Church, Roedinghausen, Westfalen, Prussia, and emigrated from Prussia to Iowa ~1855. E-mail: thomas.a.heckenberg@intel.com .

I am looking for information on Lorentz HEIENS, father of Maria Heiens, born 28 June 1681 in Ruegenwalde, Pommern, Preussen. Heiens@peoplepc.com

I am searching for my grandparents Hellmuth Friedrich Wilhelm HEMP, born January 19, 1879, in Luggewiese Kreis Lauenburg, Pommern, Prussia,and Herta Marie Adeline HEMP nee KOLLAT, born February 22, 1892, in Budlow Kreis Lauenburg, Pommern, Prussia. E-mail: fjackman@anv.net

Looking for information on Samuel HENKER and wife Caroline Dorothee Marie Hartung from Pomerania, Prussia. They had a son Carl Robert Gustav Henker born Oct. 1861. E-mail mydesire2@juno.com

Information wanted on Christopher HENNIG, born Nov. 15, 1707, Kollin, county Pyritz, Pomerania, Prussia. He died Sept. 24, 1790, in Woodward Haines Twp. Centre Co., Pa., and is buried at Neidig, Woodward, Pa.. E-mail:pandora@2z.net

Information wanted on F. Wilhelm (William) HENNING/HENNIG, who emigrated from Prussia, naturalized 1872 in PA, married Ernstine TESKE, settled in Wisconsin. Children (13) born in Ripon, Princeton and Eau Claire Cty. Wisconsin. He emigrated with two of his brothers, Julius, and Johann, and died in Green Lake, Wi, before 1905. E-mail: theiler@cvol.net or Woofs2010@hotmail.com .

Information wanted on my great grandmother Paulina Wilhelmina HENSE, born around 1852 and her sisters Bertha and Hulda, whose father was Wilhem HENSE, who was a stonemason/sculptor from Neustettin, Pomerania. Any information welcome to clcooper@dentonwildespate.com

Information wanted on the family of my grandfather, Frederick HENSELIN. He was born 4 Sep 1858 in Gustrow. His Father's name was Frederick, his mother's name was Wilhelmine. His brothers were Franz, Karl, & August, his sisters were Fredericka, Wilhelmine, Johanna, Amanda. E-mail: jerrycrogers@gorge.net

I am looking for information on David HERTOFT (HERFURTH), born 1704-1710 presumably in Bahn, Pommern, Preussen, and died May 9, 1784. His daughter was christianed in the German church in Copenhagen. His son Petter was living in Stafsinge, Halland, Sweden. E-mail: ing-britt.larsson@swipnet.se

Looking for information regarding mother's people. Great grandfather Ferdinand August HERZFELD, born in East Prussia, June 8th, 1833 and great grandmother Amelia POCHON, born in Switzerland, Feb. 28, 1833. However,I believe that my great grandfather changed the spelling of his last name HERTZFIELD, when they came to America. email: cshel1049@aol.com

Information wanted on HERZOG, born in Prussia, moved to America in early 1800's, settled in Flintstone, Maryland, had a son, William, born1811. Email: bhaines@tje1.com

Information wanted on Wolfgang HEYDA, Captain of U-434, born East Prussia 1913, and families of brother August and sister Paula. There are other siblings. Contact Rodney Martin at elmtree1@flash.net or RodneyMartin@mindspring.com after 2-1-2001

The family HILDEBRANDT left West-Prussia, Siemon, Thorn in 1945.I am interested to find out, if any relatives of HILDEBRANDT descent would be still living in this region or in Germany. E-mail: IHilde4447@aol.com

Wanted any info on William and Frederic (Richardt) HILGENDORF, b. 28th of October, 1828, and Frederica, b. Jan 3, 1827. He was a carpenter, emigrated to the US with his family in 1868, to Theresa township, Wisconsin. E-mail Marcia at sunshine19@charter.net

Information wanted on Henry HINZMAN, who fought in the revolutionary war of the United States, and who was supposedly the son of Johann (Joseph Hinzman). The Hinzman came apparently from Prussia in the 18th Century. E-mail: mikenheide@yahoo.com

Looking for family members of Christian HINTZ, who married Augusta TESMER. He came from Alt Prelep, Pommern, Prussia and died while coming to America. E-mail: jbkrug@aeroinc.net

Looking for Hermann Edmond Tassilo HOFFMANN descendants Hermann, Max, Bruno, Franz, and Werner. Werner and Franz came to Canada. Hermann Jr. has son, Dr. Hans Hoffmann of Stettin, still alive in 1952 somewhere in Germany, and Emily Elizabeth and Helen. Bruno had daughter Erna. E-mail: abellraven@telus.net

Information wanted on Augustus Robin DRZEWSKI, b. 1760 in Poland. 1790 he moved to Rosenfeld, Pomerania, Prussia, and changed his name to Holz. He had several children. His grandson Friedrich Wilhelm Leopold HOLZ emigrated to the USA in 1854. E-mail: jthomas3321@home.com

Information wanted on the family of Adolf Gustav HOLZNAGEL, born 01 March 1905 in Culmisch Neudorf, Pomerania. E-mail: Kunath-Weissig@t-online.de

I am looking for Ludwig  HORST from Schlorhauer. He was married to Christine SCHLUMN. Son George Ludwig, born 11/11/1848.  Daughter Carolena was born 7/26/1847 and married Jacob HAGEDORN. E-mail me at horsta47@netscape.net

I am looking for information on my ancestor, Julius W. HOPPE, who left Prussia with his wife Caroline S. (Wolf) Hoppe sometime around 1867-1873. Please e-mail: cmoore57@flash.net

Information wanted on John and George HORNUNG. They left Prussia about 1830 for Philadelphia PA. John married 1846 Theresa Reinhard and George 1835 Barbara Eberly. Georges offspring went to Julia Springs Australia. E-mail: njtransplant@cox.net

Information wanted on the family HOYA-PLESS, who left Pommern soon after the beginning of WW2. I am interested in finding anyone who can provide family history/movements/etc. koopzy@yahoo.com

Information wanted on Barbara HUBER, born ca. 1829 at Rhine, Preussen, married Jacob HELD, 17 Apr. 1853. She stayed with the Gottliebe family in New Orleans, where she died 18 Dec. 1875 . E-mail: wilmav4@aol.com 

I am looking for information on Frederick HUMPERT or Francisca HUMPERT from the 1800's Prussia. Contact Laura Humpert at lhumpert@firstam.com

We are looking for information on John HUNDSADER, born in Prussia1832 or 33. E-mail: janh@kudos.net

I am searching for William HUSEMAN, born in Prussia. He emigrated to America around 1860. E-mail: Roreamato@aol.com




I am looking for information on the IWOHN family. Other spellings might be Iwan or Iwancz. Micheal and Augusta Iwohn brought their family to America in 1889, Jansen Nebraska area. E-mail Diana Franklin at deo@aracnet.com



Looking for info on the Valentin JACAK family from Prussia, born 1816, emigrated to US in 1852. Any info on JACAK is appreciated.  jacakd@hnet.net

Looking for the parents of Bernhard, Ferdinand, Herman and Ulrike JAEGER (all born 1850's). Their mother's maiden was WAGNER. Father's first name was Carl. E-mail: rjones1@new.rr.com

Looking for parents/siblings of Carl Frederick (Karl Friedrich Wilhelm) JAEGER, born 1850 in Pinnow, Pommern, married Ulrika (Ulrike Marie Bertha) Pflugradt, born 1852 in Treptow, Pommern. They emigrated to Indiana and died in Hope Kansas. czmartin@quixnet.net

Searching for information on Johann Michael JAHN, b. 1816 in Barth, Pomerania, Prussia, emigrated to New Braunfels, TX, 1845. He was a cabinet and furniture maker. E-mail: maryjahn@tds.net

I am searching for information about the family of Fredericka Carolina Henrietta JANKE, born 1 April 1826 in Bandekowo, Regenwalde, Pomerania, Prussia. My E-Mail Address: QUITA22456@aol.com

I am trying to find anything about the family name JERKE or JORKE especially from 1780s to early 1800s. My email address is heritage@valyou.net

I am trying to find records of the family of Hermann JESKE from Pommern (Pomerania). E-mail: mrecon1@hotmail.com

I am looking for information on Leon JEZEWSKI from Prussia, born7/20/1849. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1871. E-mail: GStjohn708@aol.com

Researching the family name JEZEWSKY, Michael and Julia. They came to U.S. in 1905 and had 4 known children, 2 born in Prussia, Viola and Bruno (Barney). Thanks, KadyJes@aol.com

Looking for information on Frederic JONAS, born in Prussia (abt.1800), who emigrated to America with his son Charles (1828 Prussia) in 1857 settling in the State of Wisconsin. E-mail: brysky@pgtv.net

Information wanted on Peter JONAS, born 12-5-1802 in Uestungen, Prussia, married Anna Marie FRANKENBURG. Peter's parents were was Franz JONAS and Anna Martha HARTLEIB. E-mail Ruth at rnobbe@seidata.com

I am desperate to find any JUNGE's. I am a descendant of Carl Franz Wilhelm JUNGE, born 1822. His brothers were: William, August, Max, Theodore, Gastons, Adolph. E-mail: mommys_rosebud@yahoo.com .

Looking for information on Johann Nicholas JUNGFLEISCH, of Prussia, 1700's. E-mail: dcfox@frontiernet.net

Information wanted on Charles Jurgens (b. 21 May 1852); mother Mary; brother Fred. He married Johanna Dorothy Ramm (b.1856) in 1876, USA. E-mail: JustPlainFrank@peoplepc.com



Information wanted on KAEDING. My grandmother, Augusta Emile KAEDING,was born December 13, 1862 in Brussow. She traveled to Australia via Hamburg November 6, 1878 on the "Charles Dickens" in company of Gottfried (29 years) and Albertine (34) JAHNCKE and a boy Ernst KAEDING (1 year). Her mother was Caroline (Karolina) KAEDING, christened January 25, 1846 at Sankt Jakobi, Stettin, Pommern. I traced a Caroline Wilhelmine KAEDING - a daughter of Carl Friedrich KAEDING and Dorothee Sophie (nee CARL). ericfock@webone.com.au

Information wanted on my 2nd great grandfather Johann Wilhelm Julius KAEMPFERT/KAMPFER, born on 8-10-1823 in Prussia. His parents were August KAEMPFERT and Ernestina Ulrich. He had other brothers and sisters we need to find. Any info please email me: Dplath1290@aol.com

Information wanted on Gustav KAGELMACHER, b. May 9, 1843, fled Prussia for USA 1866. Received info re: organization/person who might help. Info lost. Lynn. E-mail: slkd629@hotmail.com

I am looking for the roots of my great great grandfather Frederick KAISER. He was born 11-3-1825 in Tornweiler, Prussia. I am interested in finding information about his life and his parents life. My e-mail is PKaiser804@aol.com

I am looking for information on Wilhelm KALIEBE (born 1846, died1914) and Emilie SELL (born 1850, died 1922). They lived in the Stettin or Kammin area before emigrating to Wisconsin around 1875. Wilhelm was in the Imperial Prussian Guard. My address is mpholmes@gateway.net

Looking for information on Wilhelm and Albertina KANNENBERG. They came from E. Prussia in 1883, docked in Baltimore, Md, and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. E-mail Paul Kannenberg at Buckoo95@aol.com

Information wanted on Martin KAPKE, born about 1809 in Pommern, Prussia. He married Louise TANK 1826. I understand, he settled in Wisconsin, USA about 1850. E-mail: QMfrench@aol.com

Friedrich and Dorothea (PETSCH) KARSCHNICK emigrated from Kreis Lauenburg, Pommern, in 1868 with a brother, Carl KARSCHNICK. Need village in Pommern where they lived before leaving for Gasconade County, Missouri. E-mail:millie.rickey@gte.net

Information wanted on Ludwig Adolph KASISCHKE, believed to have been born in Pomerania around 1860. His parents were Ludwig KASICHKE and Johanna POOSCH. Email: gwalt0771@aol.com

My name is Justin KASSULKE. I'm trying to find links to our homeland of Pommern. My family is from the Neustettin region, villages Balfanz, Draheim, Zulkenhagen areas. jkcu@rocknet.net.au/b>

Information wanted on Ludwig KAUNITZ and Clementine Wolkner, parents of Franz Ludwig Kaunitz, born 1/28/1855, Neuwarp, Pommern, Preussen. Franz emigrated to Pennsylvania early 1880s, married Elizabeth Sexton(?) and had a child Fred Kaunitz in Reading, PA 1884. E-mail: kaunitz@kaunitz.net

I am looking for any surviving records of Johann Joachin KEGEBEIN (born: 02-10-1823) and Marie Christine Schwebke (born: 04-30-1831). They came around 1873 from Todenhagen, Pommern, Prussia, to the to US. E-mail: bwk26@naine.rr.com

Looking for any information on John S. KESLER. E-mail: jsebold@worldnet.att.net

Researching KEWITSCH, KOHLHOFF (KOHLOFF) & REETZ from Deutsch Puddiger, Kreis Schlawe, Pommern in 1850-1880's. Any information would be greatly appreciated. E-mail: Kewitsch@msn.com

Researching all KEWITSCH of Prussia ="http://www.johnwells.mcmail.com/KewGen.htm" John Wells at johnwells@bigfoot.com

I am looking for relatives with the name KIEHNBAUM. They came to Wisconsin from Pommern, probably in the 1860s. Contact Sid Meyer at treighnor@earthlink.net

Want information and contact to descendants of Karl Wilhelm KIEKOW, b. July 3, 1811, Rarfin, County of Belgard, and Henriette Luise Dorothea VENSKE, b. January 1836 in Raffin. They lived in Korlin, county of Belgard, and had 7 children: Henriette, Wilhelmine, Gustav, Karl Joahn Ludwig, Friedrich Ludwig Karl and Laurette Mathilde. Some emigrated to Brazil in 1858, and some to the USA in later years. Henriette, Wilhelmine and Gustav, apparently stayed in Belgard. E-mail: PaladiniNY@aol.com

Information wanted on Friedrich KIENITZ, born March 18, 1827 in Ruden, West Preussen. He also lived at Seefelde bei Franzburg, West Preussen, until 1881 when they emigrated to Minnesota in USA. German answers welcomed. jwint3@comcast.net768

Look for information on Julia KITZMAN, born 1848 in Prussia and died July 22, 1931 in the U.S.. Parents are Samuel KITZMAN & Rosalie SCHUMANN. Julia KITZMAN married John POHL in New York City or Brooklyn. mey5115@attglobal.net

Information wanted on KLAFFER. My ancestors came from Prussia approximately in 1830 on the ship Emmy. My ancestors settled in The Barrossa Valley. Lyndock has our name on the town there. E-mail Lorraine Klaffer: lorri@gzbbs.apana.org.au

Looking for ancestry of my grandfather Henry Peter KLEIN, born 1844, or his father Peter KLEIN, a Catholic family of Prumm, Prussia, who emigrated to the US before 1873. Also information regarding Prumm (now Eifel, Germany). E-mail: osullivans@ij.net

KLEINSCHMIDT, Johann Georg, born 8/22/1809 in Balfanz (Bialowas), Pomerania, Prussia. Wife was KLEMZ, Dorothea Henrietta. Both emigrated to United States in April 1862, settled in Reading, Pennsylvania. Looking for any information or others from same area. E-mail: cralor86@AOL.com.

Seeking information on Hermann August KLEMZ, born 26-3-1865 in or near Zulkenhagen in the county Neustettin, apprenticed as shoemaker, was in German army for hitch and emigrated to Buffalo County Wisconsin 1890 from Hamburg. E-mail George Klemz at GFKlemz@aol.com

Information wanted on my great granduncle John Dominik KLUETSCH from Uelmen, born 1833. His brothers Carl and Peter emigrated to the United States in 1860's. JD was a Prussian sharpshooter. Their fathers' name was Mathias, mothers' Agnus (nee Maas). E-mail: patkgilsvik@hotmail.com

Information wanted on ancestors of August Friedrich KNOFFLOCK, born 1850 in Lauenberg, Pomerania. He travelled to New Zealand with his wife Wilhemine Louise Charlotte BOHL on board the Reichstag. E-mail: durleigh@xtra.co.nz

Information wanted on Ferdinand KOCH, born 1800 and his wife Wilhelmina from Prussia or Pomerania. Their son William Frederick KOCH, born April 22, 1835, emigrated to NYC in 1857. E-mail: fran.obrien@rcn.com

I would like any information or thoughts regarding the KOEPSEL(L) families from the Eastern Pomerania and Western Prussia regions. Please contact fastmggirl@yahoo.com

Searching for the Henry KOHN family (Henry, Annie, Alida, Annie and Albert), which came to Louisiana between 1874 and 1876. They came from Pommern. E-mail: Theolgeezer@aol.com

Looking for relatives of Erna KOHN, born Stettin, Pomerania, Prussia, 1919-1920 [to Louise and Fritz KOHN]. Any information wanted. E-mail: just_a_girl1999@hotmail.com

I am searching for my family history. My surname is very lost in history. The last name is KOHNKE. E-mail: watchkwaw@yahoo.ca

I want to learn more about KOLBERG. Anyone with information or references please email to cyberkiwi@sprynet.com

Looking for the family of Johann Daniel KORNSTÄDT or Kornstedt/Kornstadt/Cornstadt. His wife's maiden name was Johanna Louise Wentlandt. They left the area of Fürstensee, Kreis Pyritz on October of 1856. They arrived in the Port of New York on November 15,1856 and settled evtlly. in the Deerfield, Wisconsin area. E-mail: JenMatt27@charter.net

Information wanted on my great grandfather Friedrich Wilheim KORT, born July 14,1864 in Whittenberg, Prussia. 1870 his parents Christian & Wilhelmine Kort and their children left Hamburg on the SS Allemania for Galveston, Texas. E-mail: MMonteith2@cox.net

I am looking for the family of my ggreat grandfather Edward H. KOSBAB, born in Hinter Pommern 7/29/1857. He came to the US in 1882 he married Augusta Gewanskie about 1879. She was born 1/12/1857. Edwards father was a Henry Kosbab. They had 2 children born there, Paul (b 1881) and Bertha (b 1878) before they left. Email: warmluv1256@aol.com

Search for ancestors of Friedrich Wilhelm KOTT, born 1787 in Prussia, married Therese Auguste WECHMAN. Children were Ernst E. G KOTT, born 1816, Hierymous A. KOTT, born 1822, Wilhelmine KOTT, born 1828, Friedrich Wilhelm G. KOTT, born 1832, Next generation born 1840-1850. E-mail: budk@balista.com

Information wanted on the family of KRAUSE from Schlaischow, Pommern, Prussia, the families SCHMOEKEL and POEPPEL from Bentza and the Richter family from Langenhessen Saxony.  E-mail: Pianobar2@aol.com

Info wanted on Wilhelm Carl Albert KLAFFKE (b. 28 Nov 1853, s/o Otto KLAFFKE and Wilhelmina LUDWIG), and Wilhelmina Ernestine RAHMLOW (b. 30 Nov 1850, d/o Edward RAHMLOW and Amelia QUANT), married on 12 July 1877 at Verwalde, Pommern. Emigrated to Iowa May 1881. E-mail: Kurt at rakcool@nehalemtel.net

Otto KLAFFKE and Wilhelmina LUDWIG from Altfalm bei der Walde, Pommern. Children include: Marie (married Carl Kroenke), Amelia (married Carl Schwannenbeck), Amanda, Martha, Wilhelm (b. 28 Nov 1853), Herman and Robert. Looking for info on these families. E-mail Kurt at rakcool@nehalemtel.net

Am searching for any and all records for the name Krziske. Karl KRZISKE was my greatgrandfather, said to have been born 1853 in Ruschuetz near Stolp, Pommern. E-mail: dbginad@aol.com

Information wanted on ggrandparents in Prussia. My grandparents Wilhelm KLEINSCHMIDT, born 10-23-1843, and his wife Auguste KUESTER came to Baltimore, MA in April 1881 with 4 children and Auguste's brother Friedrick Wilhelm KUESTER. They settled in Iowa City, IA. E-mail: lee1951@earthlink.net

Seeking information on August KLEMZ, married Louise Rotsalk. Their son Robert lived in Pomerania near Johannsberg or Koeslin around 1880's. Emigrated to US in 1884 on the ship Hohenstaufen out of Bremen. E-mail: mgrim@mymethow.com

Any information on the origins of the name KLEMZ? My greatgrandfather came to UK from Stettin. E-mail: nick@klemz.com

Searching for any KLOHN info. Gottleib Klohn came to the US in 1888 from Brunow. His sister Emelia (Patswald) came in 1872. Their father was Frank. E-mail: KSFRENZ@EARTHLINK.NET

Information wanted on Ferdinand KNITT, born Aug 27, 1851, in Glowitz, Pommern, and Ida nee SCHIBETOWSKI, born July 14, 1853, in Czierwienz, Pommern. Both came to Baltimore March 29, 1883, and settled in Toledo, Ohio. E-mail: sweber@buckeye-express.com

Researching the KNUTH surname from the area of Kussow, Pomerania. August KNUTH born ca. 1848 possibly to parents: Frederica Sophie Amalie KRATZKE and Carl August KNUTH. August KNUTH emigrated ca. 1871 to Cleveland, Ohio where he fathered six children. Bette at bmcintosh@new.rr.com

Information wanted on Martha Marie KNUTE or KNUTH, born 1863, emigrated to United States in 1886, married Johann Heinrich SEEBA 1990. E-mail: dclyde@satx.rr.com

Looking for birth place of Friedrich Louis/Ludwig Martin KOCH, born 20 May 1854, Mecklenburg, father Jacob/Jakob KOCH, mother Elisabeth. E-mail: Ken Cook at waterken@aol.com

Information wanted on the KOCH family from Greifswald, Vorpommern (mid to late 1900's). There were 14 children. My maternal grandmother was one of the 14. Some of the males may have emigrated to the US or Canada. E-mail: BLeibr@aol.com

Looking for Information on Wilhelm and Margarita KOEHN from Lottin with children Ernst, Freda and Otto, on Wilhelm SCHEIBE relatives from Bad Polzin and relatives of Anna and Agnus ZAESKE from Bad Polzin, and John BUELOW. E-mail: Paula.ann@home.com

Information wanted on the family of Frederick Charles KOHBERG, born about 1839-1841 in Anklam, Prussia, emigrated to New York City about 1865-1866. Where to search for family records? Reply to marion-tom@worldnet.att.net. Thank you!

Can you help me locate the farm where my mother grew up and give me any current addresses of her two brothers' families. My mother was Gerda KOPP, born in Lindow, Pomerania, November 8, 1923. Her father, Otto KOPP, was born in Pyritz, June 25, 1890 (died 1967). Her mother was Anna Wiezoreck, born December 4, 1890, died August 7, 1932. Mum's brothers were Kurt and Willi. E-mail: David.Irving@gro-scotland.gsi.gov.uk

I am looking for the family of my ggreat grandfather Edward H. KOSBAB, born in Hinterpommern 7/29/1857. He came to the US in 1882. He married Augusta Gewanskie about 1879. She was born 1/12/1857. Edwards father was a Henry Kosbab. They had 2 children born there, Paul (b 1881) and Bertha (b 1878) before they left. E-mail:  warmluv1256@aol.com

Who knows of a family that lived in Koszalin after leaving Schmeidorf, Germany (Lower Bavaria), circa 1650-1700. Please contact Casey Ramel-Hoeksema at Caseyspeare@aol.com

Any information about KOTTKE families, which lived in or near Bartschin, Posen, Prussia from 1800 - 1890. E-mail: waterken@aol.com

My father Kurt Max KRAMER, born Belgard ,16th May 1925 (brother Hans and Karl). Parents Max KRAMER and Elsa Amanda Louise (Schmid or Oeleke). Any information appreciated. E-mail: juec@blueyonder.co.uk

Information wanted on Peter KRAMP, born 17 Jan 1835. His brothers were David and Adam, and sisters Elizabeth (m. Philip Schid), Jenny (m. Henry Menor), Catherin (m. Henry Gross)? E-mail: mbroka@dacor.net

How do I go about trying to obtain further records on my great-grandparents? Their birthplaces were Alt Damerow, Saatzig, Pommern now Stara Dabrowa, Szczecinskie, Poland; Neu Sarnow, Cammin, Pommern now Zarnowko, Zzczecinskie, Poland; Althoff, Deutsch-Krone, Westpreussen now Lipie, Pilskie, Poland; Ludwigshorst, Deutsch-Krone, Westpreussen now Swietoslaw, Pilskie, Poland. E-mail Carole D. KRATZ at granykratz@plateautel.net

Information wanted on the family of Carl KRAUSE, born May 27, 1865 in Schlavigz, Gannuvits (? spelling). Father's name is August. His mother probably died when he was 9 months old. He was raised by an aunt and uncle. His father, August, married a 3rd time and fathered two daughters: Augusta (m. Meitz) and Pauline (m. Luckman). He also had an Uncle Strob who settled in Wisconson, USA. David Dingler ddingler@houston.rr.com

Information wanted on Carl Gottlieb KRAUSE, born around 1786 in Luebgust, Pommern, Prussia. He married Charlotte Marie HUBNER in December 1814 in Gramenz, Pommern, Prussia. E-mail: cmhlarsen@cs.com

I am looking for information on the Fred KRAUSE family. I think he was born in Pomerania, 1852 and died in Minnesota. E-mail: Cinbear19@aol.com

Information wanted about my great grandparents, Emilie KRAUSE (b. 8-6-1860, d. 22-12-1921) and William STREEK from Pommern. She was the daughter of Carl Krause and Albertina Pribe. Emilie had one son before they emigrated to the US. E-mail: BMHic@aol.com

I am looking for information on my KREBS ancestors. They originated from Germany and West Prussia - Przechowo, Pol Konopath, Gellen. Peter KREBS and Regina ZOBEL were married in 1798 (?) in Jungen, Germany. My e-mail: croberts@mail.niagara.com

Information wanted on Baron Emil von KRIEWITZ or any Kriewitz family from Zinna or Juterbog. E-mail: lsisk@jam.rr.com

I would like to trace my grandfather Paul KROEGER born somewhere in Pommern in the 1880s or 1890s. I don't know where precisely. E-mail: paulenem@dove.net.au

My great-grandparents Ferdinand William KROENING (b. 24 Nov 1837)and Ernestine Louisa KLABUNDE (b. 8 May 1842) listed Pommern as their birthplace, but no town or county. They came to America about 1868. If anyone knows where they may have lived, please e-mail me at ho.riemann@t-online.de

Wilhelm Joachim Martin KROHN, b. 17,11,1855 in Saatel, Pommern, Prussia. He was the 11th child of Joachim Christian Krohn and Johanna Christina Wegner. If you are related, please contact me at dkgk16@core.com

Researching the family of Carl Kropp who lived in Winona, Minnesota. E-mail: jimorudd@snowhill.com

Looking for info. on August KRUEGER born Feb 20, 1856. Listed birthplace as Raket, Heiuler, Pommern, Prussia. I would like to know, where this is. Wife: Emilie PIEPER. robk@fiai.net

Looking for information on Otillia KRUEGER, born in Pomerania on December 5, 1858, married Herman E. Boortz. They emigrated to the USA in 1881. My uncle said she came from Baron Krueger's royalty. E-mail: autumncello@hotmail.com

Please send any information on Augusta (born 1/20/1854) & Karl (born 1852) KRUMRIECH from Betuff, Pommern. Both left in 1884 on the Mason Steamship line for NY. Thank you! Kathleen, great granddaughter of Augusta. E-mail: Randall747@aol.com

Looking for information on John Frederick KRUSE of Welzin, Usedom, Pommern, b. 4/15/1852, parents: Johann Michael Martin Kruse (7/29/1821-3/30/1888, d in Wisc.) and Henriette Wilhelmine Maria Reimer (b. Sept. 11, 1831). email: crobishaw@prgaustin.com

I am looking for the family of Mathias KRYCHOWICE and Magdalema DREWCZANKA from Prussia, married 30 April 1743. They may have changed their name to Kloska. E-mail: EMLanigan@aol.com

Information wanted on the family of my great grandfather Albert Henery KUBITZ ( 5-06-1838 to 9-02-1919), married to Albertina Charlotte JANNUSCH, 1867. He was from Selesen, Bochal, Kreis Stolp, Pomerania, Prussia. E-mail: jimdavis@libertybay.com

I am looking for background information on my great grandfather August Frederick KUBITZ, born 5/11/1845, married Johanna Henrietta Pasch, born 7/27/1846. Possibly great-great grandfather was Charles Kubitz. All born in Pommern. E-mail: Jkubitz429@aol.com

Information wanted of Friedrich Julius KUHN, son of Michael KUEHN and Wilhmine Maske. Friedrich was born May 18, 1849 and was married to Augusta Stohr. 3 Children born in Germany or Prussia ( Ida, Ernest and Selma Kuehn) left for the United States in 1882. E-mail: AllTheVaughans@aol.com

Looking for information on the KUMM-EBISCH-DITTNER families. Ernst Ferdinand was born there; his father was Christian and his mother Wilkelmine DITTNER. Marriage/birth records sought. Can anyone point me somewhere? Time period is mid 1880s. E-mail: Kenny (kummken@aol.com)

Any information wanted on my great grandfather Carl Frederick KURTH, born March 18, 1850 in Lapana, Pomerania, Prussia, married 1874 to Frieda Gorn, born April 21, 1850, came to USA in 1875. E-mail Dr. Dennis Wahler: DocWahler@aol.com

Information wanted on Johann and Michael KUTZ (1820-1854). Both are probably from Kreis Regenwalde, Hinterpommern. Email: dick107@att.net



I am looking for any info on Michael (or Michel) LA(A)BES. He was born around 1733, probably in Stettin. Merchant? Sailor? Any connection with Holland is welcome! Lutheran (or Jewish) background. Name related: Aron Daniël Labes from Amsterdam. egerards@worldonline.nl

Researching LAIDMAN (LADEMAN), earliest mentioned in England ca 1540, probably of Pomeranian origin. Emigrated possibly for reasons of religious persecution? Can anyone tell me anything about this name and its place of origin? E-mail: nicholas.michael@ubs.com

Information wanted on Carl LANDT (25), his wife Wilhelmine (25) and 6 mo. old son Wilhelm, who left Wegezin, Pomerania 1881. They traveled to Hamburg and sailed to New York on the ship "Silesia". Master: Albers, ship owner: HAPAG. Eventually they settled in Luana, Clayton County, Iowa.dllandt@prodigy.net

Searching for info on John Adam LAUBACH, b. 1805, emigrated to Texas, USA in 1844. Contact Gary Craze at gcraze@pdq.net

Searching for LEA descendents, believe to be Prussian, possibly Pomeranian. John LEA was born in Prussia 2/2/1848. He and 4 or 5 brothers, possibly parents and sisters came to US (MI) ca. 1850's. Other possible spellings LEHA, LEJA. E-mail: aj@lea.com

Information wanted on Marianne LEIBHOLZ, born April 26, 1921 in Glowitz, Pomerania, Prussia. Her parents were Else and the butcher Alfred LEIBHOLZ (born Dec. 4, 1887 in Schlawe, died August 8, 1942 in Berlin). Her brother Walter (born Sep. 20, 1922), her sister Lieselotte (born Nov. 16, 1923) and her brother Kurt (born Nov. 4, 1927) were murdered in Auschwitz. Marianne managed to hide in Berlin and survived as only family member. E-mail Dr. Lang at: jol.tue@t-online.de

Information wanted on Friedrich LEICHNER and descendants, born 1908 in Jordenkein, East Prussia. Email: jleichner@hotmail.com

My maiden name was LEMKE. My ancestors came from Prussia. If anyone has any information please email me at dbudke@lvnworth.com

Any information required on Frederick Gustavus LENDER or family, born Prussia 1818, emigrated to, and died in Australia 1876. E-mail: colann@ozemail.com.au

Information wanted on the family of LEWETAG. Pauline LEWETAG emigrated with 5 children from Prussia to the USA mid to late 1800. Joh. LEWETAG, age 24, emigrated from Prussia to the USA early 1886. E-mail: Ken.Lewetag@state.or.us

I am searching for any information on the family of Henry LEWIS (born 1766, died 1870] in Prussia. Known family: Wife Elizebeth Butler LEWIS, children: John B., Daniel, Henry, and Elizebeth. E-mail: jimimac@adelphia.net

Information want on John LIBENS, born in Prussia about 1834, and emigrated to Baltimore area, Cecil County. His wife was Margaret KEIL of Cecil County. He died 1880 at the age 46 in Crestline, Ohio. Possibly railroad worker, may be B&O or C&O. E-mail: Maryln61@AOL.COM

I would like to have information on Friedrich Wihelm LIERMANN, born in Farbezin, Pommern, Prussia. His wife was Dorthee Sophie DEGNER. E-mail: tclierman@juno.com

Researching LIESE surname in Schoenfeld, Pommern. Where is it? Are there records available? Mr. Kim Leese at LEESECW@aol.com

After Carl LILGE died his wife Wilhelmina Bast married Carl Kruger and emigrated 1883 to Sheboygan Co. WI. The sons Carl and Paul Lilge remained in Germany. Lilge had 5 children including Emillie, Veronica and August, born about 1865. E-mail: sandiegen@myexcel.com

Searching for any LINDEMANNS, who migrated to New Ulm, Minnesota, Brown county, in the early 18OOs, possible first name is William. E-mail: bruceandmichelle@attbi.com

Information wanted on LINDSTAEDT, Carl, born 1834 in Mirow, Prussia. Email: SOPHIART@aol.com

I'm looking for information on my grandfather Carl LOLL, born in Neitzkom, Pommern. He was the son of August Loll and Caroline Klick. He came with his wife Anna 1903 to U.S.A. and settled in Elmira N.Y.. E-mail: wmangan@stny.rr.com

Information wanted on the family LOOSE. My grandfather Franz Reinhold LOOSE was born in Sackshoehe, Pommern, Prussia, 8 December 1869. He married Amanda Albertine Matilda EHLERT, 29 of Sept, 1897. He emigrated to Canada on 2 April 1905. His father, Karl LOOSE, was born at Nazmershagen near Schlawe. E-mail Beth Burgess: pierceland.lib@sk.sympatico.c

I request contact with LÖPER descendants. Doctor Arildo Loper, Brazil. loper@alphasys.com.br

Information wanted on Leberecht LUCHT, born 1845 in Pommern/Prussia near the Baltic Sea. He came to the US 1866, married Eliza (Berlekamp) Zerbe, temporary stayed in Maple Grove, MN, then moved on and settled in Cavalier, North Dakota. Had four children Charles(Carl), Lizzie, Emma, Herman and two step sons: Henry and Fred Zerbe. E-mail: lh3@attbi.com

Information wanted on ancestors/descendants of Leopold LUCHT, born 7 Jan 1859 in Prussia. He emigrated to US March 1881, was naturalized Mar 1888. He married in Cleveland, Ohio, 1905/1906 Emelie Potratz (Podrotzki) from Prussia. They had 12 children. He became 93 years, was in excavating, grading, hauling business and streetcar repairman. E-mail: Figaro8895@msn.com

Looking for family history on these 3 families, which came to Canada about 1870-1885. All families are Prussian, some have different spelling LUCKASVITCH/Luckovitch/Luckavitch/Lukevitch Chapeskie and Dargus/Dargas/Dargass. Contact Jane Teskey at teskey@xcelco.on.ca

Searching for information on Wilhelm Frederich LUEBKE . Frebruary28, 1828 in Grambow, who emigrated to the US in 1857 and settled in Milwaukee Wisconsin. E-mail: NBurns4284@aol.com

Looking for info on my great grandparents Hugo and Lydia LUEDTKE. They settled in the Baltimore Maryland area around the turn of the century and had 5 children Charles, Edward, Frieda, Eleanor and ? E-mail DavidPeddicordat: dedimu@totcon.com

Searching for any information on William LUEDTKE and wife Bertha RAASCH. Their youngest child, Friebert, was sent to America in 1883 with Bertha's father, Christian RAASCH and her brother, August RAASCH. dkluedtke@cs.com

Researching Wilhelm LUEDTKE b. 16 Aug. 1833? Parsow, Pommern; marr. 1860 to Emilie SCHUMACHER (b. 11 April 1837); emigrated, arrival date in Marseilles 6 July 1866 to MN; manifest # 00030135 with wife and 2 children. E-mail: jperry33@sbcglobal.net

Searching for information on Wilhelm (William) LUETHKE. Born about1837 in Mecklenburg, who emigrated to the US in September of 1865 and settled in Taylor County West Virginia. E-mail: BradburnEH@aol.com

My father's family, LUMMISS (LOOMIS), orginally came from Prussia, went via Switserland, Italy, France to America. Why might they have done this? E-mail: elwinfionn@hotmail.com

I am looking for information about my great aunt Pauline Ehlert LUPKE, living in Golnon (or maybe Golnow) German in Dec. 1938. If you have information please contact me at e-mail: EEH2198@aol.com

Information wanted on Ernestine LUTZKE, who married Ludwig RAETHER, a hussar in the Franco-Prussian War. They emigrated from Mellen and Daber Kreis Wangerin to Albion, MI ca. 1871/2. Ernestine's brother August was Marstalldiener to the Kaiser in Karlsruhe ca. 1900. E-mail: john__diane.cole@virgin.net



Looking for the family of MAI, which came from Sarckau, East Prussia, around 1914. Some may be in Joillet, ILL. E-mail: drawleyj@tampabay.rr.com

I am searching for the MAIKE family of three sisters from Lauenburg, Pomerania. They settled in Chicago, IL. E-mail: Jsousa420@aol.com

Looking for information on Christian Friedrich (Johann) MALUEG, born 1816 in Harst/Horst, Pommerania/Prussia? Also have read another's e-mail for Michael Friedrich MALUEG, born 13 September 1813 in Mellen, Pomerania. E-mail: hcmalueg@wctc.net

Looking for info on Dorothee Maria MAROHN, born about 1809, died 18 Sept 1866 in Gross Wachlin, Pommern. Also info on her father Michael and mother Anna Dorothea HAASE. E-mail Glenn WITTE at wglenne@aol.com

MARTENS, Johann Joachim Theodor, born 05/12/1843, came from Duvier, Kreis Grimmen, Pommern, was in Danville, Illinois in 1860's. Unknown parents, possible sister Maria. Any information appreciated. E-mail: tlm49@aol.com

Any information wanted on MATZEL or MATZELL, who lived in or near Bartschin, Posen, Prussia, from 1880-1891. E-mail: waterken@aol.com

Information wanted on Carl F. MAUE, born Sept 1842 in Prussia, and his son Charles or Carl Augustus MAUE, born in Prussia August 16, 1867. Both Came to US in 1868-1870. Carl was employed as Blacksmith. E-mail John Gorman: DRJJG2829@AOL.COM

Information wanted on Herman F. MAUERMANN, born 10/10/1831 in Prussia. He married Fredricka LANGE in 1857, moved to Jachow. 1876 they emigrated with their 5 children (Julius, Gustave, Augusta, Herman, Amelia) to Broadhead, WI, USA . E-mail: belindahopper@aol.com 

Information wanted on Reinhold MAURER, born 10-1847, in Pomerania, Prussia. He emigrated around 1877, 1878 from Hamburg. He was married to Augusta BOELK, born 02-14-1852, in Doelitz, Pomerania. Their sons were Reinhold (born 12-8-1877) and Emil (born 4-1874). E-mail: n0evb@juno.com

Looking for any information on the MAYER family name. E-mail C. Pagé, Ottawa, Canada. cpage5282@rogers.com

Requesting information on family name MEISENBACH from Prussia. Respond to GNelson970@aol.com

Information wanted on the ancestors of my fifth great-grandfather, Urban MENGWASSER. He was born 1779 in Weckhoven, Prussia, and married to Maria Catherine SCHWIDDEN in 1798. E-mail: cat_lover131@chickmail.com

Need info on MESSERSCHMIDTs born in Bredow, Sankt Matthaeus, Pommern, Prussia, emigrated to U.S. in 1873 to WI. Ferd. MESSERSCHMIDT was married to Louisa KRAMER. Children: Gustav, Albert, Ferdinand, Wilhelm, Mathilde. Other children may have remained in Prussia. E-mail Pat Michael at leopat@iland.net

Looking for ancestors of Carl Luis Albert MEYER (c.1822-1888) of Bahn, Pommern, likely in Prussian army, who left Germany likely from Schleswig-Holstein in early 1850's for Brazil. Father Johann Christian M., a town alderman, and mother Maria Elisabeth, perhaps MEISNER. Contact e-mail: buffy1@telusplanet.net

My great grandfather and great grandmother, Lewis (Louis) MEYER (age 38) and Louise MEYER (age 28) are listed in the 1860 US Franklin County,MO, census as both being born in Prussia. Suggestions on finding arrival in US? E-mail: HMeyer5706@aol.com

Gottfried MEYER married Anne Rosine SCHMIDT, son Gottfried MEYER, born Jan 1, 1813 in Dombrowke, Prussia and daughter Emily Ernestine MEYER, born December 1819 in Samotschin, Lindenwerder. Any other family from Prussia history wanted!! (contact westernlady@bigfoot.com)

Information wanted on my gg grandfather Wilhelm Henry Ulrich MEYERS, born in Mecklenburg, married to Catherine Maria Dorthea BERGHAM from Mecklenburg. They lived in Denmark, N. Jutland area. E-mail: nlarsen360@aol.com

Looking for family ties MOELLICH later changed to MELICK in the United States. Think the first record was in Pennsylvania. Respond to e-mail: Dave@tttonline.com

Looking for any information on my great-great grandparents Anthony MICHALEK and Magdalen SCHRAMM MICHALEK. Their son Joseph came to Americain approximately1864. Believe they are of Prussian ancestory. E-mail:mep47@worldnet.att.net

Looking for information on Gregorius MIKITTA (b: 1755 in Lived, Deutsch Eylau, West Prussia), Michael MIKITTA (b: 1778 in Tillwalde, Froednenau Parish, West Prussia), August MIKITTA (b: March 03, 1815 in Tillwalde, Froednenau Parish, West Prussia, d: June 02, 1871) or Adolf(ph) C. MIKITTA (b: June 08,1861 in Tillwalde, Froednenau Parish, West Prussia, immigrated 1884, d: August 09, 1924in Cleveland, Ohio). Contact dmikitta@hotmail.com

Information wanted on Johann Fredrich Mielke, his wife Anna, and son, Johann Fredrich Mielkethe Mielke, who left Stettin, Pomerania, Prussia, in June/July, 1852 on the Fredonia. They settled in Wisconsin. E-mail: Milkes3@aol.com

Information wanted on the family of Franz MIELKE (married to Matilda CZECK), who came to USA 1885. They had two sons Charles and Otto. His father's name was August. E-mail: Ronsarchery@aol.com

Information wanted on my ancestor Elizabeth MIKEL, born 1776, who lived in BELLING, Kreis Pasewalk, Pommern. Her husband was Jean Baptiste BAILLY, born in Tholey, Saarland. E-mail: Philippe.Laurent 2@AGF.FR)

Looking for ancestors of Thomas MILHAUSEN, believed to be of Prussian ancestry - 1600's prior. E-mail laurae_1998@yahoo.com

Searching for ancestors of Christena MILLER, born about 15 May 1827. Jacob MILLER could be her father. Brother Peter, born 1816, sisters Catharine, born 1823, Diana, born 1825, all Prussia. Family emigrated to US sometime before 1847. Laurie- bxerldy@cdsnet.net

Johanne Albertine MILLER, born 1857 in Hoff, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern. Her mother was Wilhelmine Friedrieke Charlotte MILLER. Her grandfather was Johann MILLER, who lived in Horst, Kreis Greifenberg. E-mail: rosedon@gateway.net

I am searching for information on Ferdinand A. MITTELSTAEDT, who married Wihelmina (Kloppstein). I believe, they lived in or around Neu Warrow, Pommern and emigrated to Portage, Wisconsin in the mid 1850's. E-mail Marcy Mittelstaedt at marcymitt@aol.com

Looking for information on ancestors from Lubtow, Sabes, Gross Kussow, and Alt Prillip in Kreis Pyritz and Boelzig in Kreis Schlochau, Pomerania, Prussia. The surnames are MIX, HEIDEMAN, KOHNKE, BUTT, GRITZMACKER, LEWALDT, KOHLS, HORMAN, others. ADrube@aol.com

Request information regarding the relatives of August Johann MODROW, born 1847 in West Prussia, who emigrated to Australia in 1872 with wife Apolonia (nee GRIINKE). E-mail to cstewart1@bigpond.com.au

John Christian MOHR, born 1792 in Wolgast, Pomerania, Prussia, emigrated to Canada approximately 1813. Any information about pre-1792 family history appreciated. Mike in Canada. E-mail: truetmlfan@msn.com

I am looking for the family of Karl MOLDT, born about 1826, and Caroline FREIBERG, born about 1832. My gr. gr. gr. grandparents came 1857 from Prussia/Pommern to the U.S.. E-mail: Linda50@centurytel.net

Information wanted on August MOLZAHN, born 18 March, 1841, in Treptow, Pommern; married Wilhelmina KRUGER in 1872/73, and came to the US in 1872. Died on 20 November, 1913 in Port Orchard, Washington. Please email meatlauralee17@hotmail.com

Looking for information regarding P. MOLZAHN, born Feb 15, 1892, married Marie SCHWEIGERT, died Jan 18, 1967. Parents, Albert F. W. MOLZAHN and Bertha LIETZ, immigrated to Ontario, Canada. E-mail: wwood@ccas.toronto.on.ca

I'm trying to find out where Wilhelm MUELLER, and sons Gustav and Franz lived in Greifenberg. They came to the US in the late 1800. Gustav and Franz Mueller were probably in their 20's. E-mail: bkkppr39@yahoo.com

I am searching for information on the MUGGENBERG/MEUGENBURG/MUGGENBORG family. In 1892 the family came from Hanover, declaring to be Prussian. E-mail: OnlyonePhyl@aol.com

Vocês tem informações sobre a família MUNDSTOCK? Descendentes de Carl Wilhelm Mundstock e Christine Wilhelmine Dorothea Lilge. Tiveram 4 filhos em Berjenow, paróquia de Semerow. Obrigado, Mauro Mundstock, Brazil. E-mail: mauromundstock@hotmail.com



Information wanted on: Maria Bertha NACHTIGAL, b. 1857; Ernestina RUEGE, b. 1854 (father was mayor of Konstantinopel?); Louise RADES, b. 1855 at Konstantinopel. Does anyone know where I should search for information in Germany and Poland concerning these people? E-mail: dz9603@aol.com

Searching for family info on William NAAS, born in 1832, emigrated to US to state of Illinois between then and 1855. Both parents were from Prussia. ARN@LOGICKEY.COM

Looking for information on Edward Gustav NASKE, who served in the Prussian Army; son or grandson emigrated to the USA in the late 19th century. Information on any NASKE from Pommern would be appreciated. Email to: TNaske@netscape.net

Information wanted on the family of John NATSCHKE and his wife Valentine RISS from Prussia. They were probably born around 1882. His parents were named Antoni NATSCHKE and Eva BIALK. Her parents were named Joseph RISS and Eva HERDT. E-mail: snatschke@roominakit.com

Information wanted on my great great grandfather Frederick NATSCHKE and grandmother Wilhelmine ZIEGART. Frederick was born March 9, 1839 and Wilhelmine was born Feb. 20, 1882 in Pomerania. I would like to know more about their parents or siblings. Thank you. Email: pwrolove@sonic.net

I am looking for info on Max NEESER or Maria neeser around 1800s. E-mail: gkneesir@cableone.net

Information wanted on Nathan NEIBAUR, a chemist from Ehrenbreitstein, married to Rebecca PETETZ or PERETZIN during the Napoleonic Wars. He served in the army, possibly in the medical corps or as a translator. His son Alexander NEIBAUR was educated in Berlin, then moved to England and from there to the U. S. A.. Please send any information to Philip Katcher atpkatcher@cahners.com

Looking for any relatives of Hermann NEITZEL, married to Mathilda GRILLIERE, lived near Henkenhagen or Gribow, Kr. Kolberg, Pommern. Charles Neitzel e-mail: neitzel99@yahoo.com

Information wanted on family of Gerhart NEITZEL, married to Elizabeth SHOBLE. Their son John Frederick NEITZEL born 1857, Gloversville, Fulton County New York. John married Mamie HYLAND 27 May 1883 in Guthrie County, Iowa. May have resided betw. 1888-1890 in Omaha, NB, moved back to Casey, Guthrie, Iowa and then to Portland, Multnomah, OR by 1905. E-mail: amysf@pacbell.net

Johann NEUMANN of Marzdorf. Family also in Harmelsdorf, Deutsch-Krone/Stibbe: emigrated to South Africa in 1861. Back history wanted by P. Michaelides: praxia@global.co.za

I believe my father's family is from Prussia. Our family name is NEVEN, though I think it was NÖVEN. Is anybody out there with a last name Neven, who knows of a Prussian link? pneven@inet.net

Looking for information on NICKSIUS, born 1670, died 1743, was a registrar in Kurbrandenburg. Frederick Wilhelm NICKS, born 29 September,1742 died 28 September, 1802 also served as an officer in Cuerassier Regiment Balliodzof Prince Wuerttemberg. Carl Frederick NICKSE, born 23 September,1773 died4October 1844 also served from 1789 to 1797 in the Cuerassier Regiment of Duke Ludwig. Any information or history greatly appreciated. E-mail @ XXSVWillow@aol.com

Seeking information on August NITSCH, born August 18, 1844 in Rogahnen, Ostpreussen, or his parents Ernest Gottlieb NITSCH and Amalie SCHARMACHER. E-mail: MNitsch909@aol.com

Trying to find Karl NITSCHKE, son of Gustav Nitschke and Anna Louis, born May 20, 1861 in Stargard, Pommern, Prussia. Any information emailtormhayes@mail.riverview.net

Would like any info on Frederich NITZ, born 26 Jan 1822, married to Frederike BURWICK. I believe he came from Strasburg/Uckermark region. E-mail:  joelernesti@hotmail.com

Seeking information on family of August J. NITZKE, born August 12, 1859, married Mary SCHREIBER, Konitz, Tuchel, Drausnitz, Prussia, arrived in Amerika 1890. E-mail: uccello@dreamscape.com

Information wanted on the NIX family. Their naturalization records are found in Whitley County, Indiana, stating they are from Prussia. E-mail: cayotrealtors@home.com

Looking for any information regarding Johann Henrich NOLTE, born Sept. 8, 1849, in Breitenberg and died in 1934 in LaCrosse, Wis, USA. His wife was Marie Friederike Christiane HEIM from Gross-Dahlum. They may have married and lived in Veltheim. E-mail: ddd12345@comcast.net

My grandfather, Herman Frederick NOWACK, was born in Pommern, Prussia, May 12, 1867. His Family emigrated to the USA around 1868. His parents were Ludwig and Johanna HAASE-NOWACK. Any information appreciates: da82429@alltel.net


Looking for any information on Heinrich ORLOWSKI (ORLOUSKY), born 8/2/1860 in Ostrowitz Lobau, Prussia, enlisted Prussian Army 11/7/1881, discharged 9/13/1883 to Gottschal. Reply to polevltr1@mediawave.com

I am looking for any information on the ORTH family. Nicholaus was my great grandfather. Please contact me @ primadonna99109@yahoo.com

My grandmother was determined to be born in Prussia, that eventually became controlled by Poland. She was born in 1888 and her maiden name was Julia ORTYL or Julia ORTEL. E-mail: willdo1@prodgy.net

Information wanted on William OSS, b. 1810 in Prussia, d. after 1860, married Sophia Folk, b. 1816 in Darmstadt. Oss's migrated, June 7, 1836, to Baltimore, MD. E-mail: lratledge@ameritech.net

I am looking for O'YZENSKI, Fredinand or George. Their present spelling is Ocheskey. O'yczanski left Prussia around 1850-1855. My e-mail: wertzp@qwest.com



Searching for information on my great-great grandfather Martin PAGENKOPF and his son Johann Gotthilf August Pagenkopf. Both came to the U.S. in 1857 from Cardemin, Hinterpommern, Prussia. Born 1799 and 1828, respectively. Martin supposedly was a descendant of the Hohenzollern Dynasty. E-mail: bpagenkopf@cox.net

I am looking for any information on the PALUCH name. My ancestors came from Prussia, probably in the early 1900's. I know no other information, as the last member of my family who would have information is now deceased. E-mail: jumpp@earthlink.net

Sophia PANZLAFF was married to Johann MILLER. They lived in Horst, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern and were the parents of Gottfried MILLER, who married Juliane Maria FREDRICH. Any information appreciated. E-mail: rosedon@gateway.net

I am researching Andreas PAPENDIECK, born May 7, 1817 in Minslaben, Prussia. He married a Johanna GERLACH, born 1820. Any information sent to Rebecca Papendieck at papendie@discover-net.net.

Info needed about Carl PARADIES and his wife Ottilie Sellnow, married in Farmington, WI in 1875. E-mail: CIrish7048@aol.com

Gg grand parent Marie Elisabeth WITT, Johann Martin PAUDTKE, born in Poldemin, Prussia 1700- 1800 with child Hermann August PAUDTKEBORN (1830). Apparently they were farmers. Where is Poldemin? E-mail: hjw914@earthlink.net

Peter PEGELOW 1518-1571, Kolberg area. Children: (1) Jürgen, 1545-1596, had a son, Diederich, 1576-1651, had a son Hartwig, 1616-1678, had a son, Friedrich, 1642-1708. Friedrich picked up his family and relocated to Teterow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. (2) Ursula, 1548-1615, married Michael Schlieffen about 1585 at Kolberg, had a son Melchior,1595-1651. All events at or near Kolberg. Looking for other members of the Family. Gary Lloyd Pegelow at glpegelow@hotmail.com

My great-great-grandfather, Christian PEGLOW, (1817-1898), moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, in about 1862. He married Caroline Pittlekow. They came from the village of Varchmin. This town was located between Koslin and Kolberg, Pommern. With information contact Bruce Peglow BPe1113014@aol.com

Karl PEGLOW left Vest Poris in 1874. Does anybody know how to find the home town of my great grandfather? Any information about the name Peglowor 19th century cities of Pomerania would be appreciated. Send to peglowld@aol.com

Ich suche alles über die unmittelbaren Vorfahren der Familie PEICH aus Lenz (Pommern). Bisher konnte ich meine direkten Ahnen bis ca. 1780 zurückverfolgen. Woher wurde diese Familie in Pommern angesiedelt? Bitte um Informationen unter peich1964@aol.com

Looking for info on Fredrich Wilhelm PENKE, born 12-25-1845 in Hohenfier, Flatow, Grenzmark. Fought in Franco-Prussian War, came 1873 to Ripon, Wisconsin, married Louisa Hannah FURSTENAU near Green Lake, Wisconsin, 9-17-1879. He had a brother Ferdinand with wife Mary Shererick. E-mail: davidripon61@aol.com

I am trying to trace the ancestry of Glen F. PESCHANG, born 18 May 1910, Illinois, USA, died 29 September 1995. Any information appreciated. E-mail Janet Mae (Peschang) Robinson at FRobi19807@aol.com

My great grandfather Maximilian PETER born in Prussia in 1842, rose to the rank of General in the Prussian Military. About 1890 he left the military, as did many high ranking officers, due to political changes of the time, became American citizen on Oct. 26, 1893. In America he went back to his original occupation as Florentine Painter. He died in 1917at age 75 years. I need more detail and background including his parents. E-mail gpeter@optonline.net

I am looking in to my grandfathers name Fritz PETERMANN and any existing information. He was from a portion of Pomerania that now belongs to Poland. His town was destroyed during WW II. He emigrated to Chicago around 1932 or 1933, where he met his wife, who immigrated from Eisenach, Germany. Both were Lutherans. I have more knowledge and background on my grandmothers family and very little about my grandfathers. He had a brother Bruno PETERMANN, Chicago. E-mail: markhh2424@sbcglobal.net

Want information on my great grandparents PETERS (SCHMELL) from Moraacs, Moraas, Moratz or Morasko. E-mail: kemp@aaps.k12.mi.us

Searching for information on Mathias PHILLIPS, born in Prussia about 1840. He appears in Wisconsin, US, in 1870 and died in Michigan, US, in 1893. Please contact Joyce Phillips at phillmuell@home.com

Want to know where Lenz, Heiuter, Pommmern, Prussia is today. My g.g. grandmother Emilie PIEPER, was born there Sept 7, 1868. Her parents were Michael F. PIEPER, b. 10/1/1836 and Wilhelmina LEMPKE or LEUEKE, b. 7/27/1832. robk@fiai.net

Seeking Konigsberg, Prussia. area relatives re Kurt Harry Max PIETZ, wife Luci Eleanore, nee Platz, and their children living Berlin in World War II. Also, news of Familie Platz re Pietz related. DAHNKE. Ingrid {Ingeborg} Ellis-Pietz at kasselkid@aol.com

Information wanted on Erna PINKUS (born Dec. 11, 1900 in Mrotschen) and Rosa PINKUS (born May, 26 1918 in the county of Posen, West Prussia). They had a sister Hertha (born Sep. 3, 1906 in Berlin, died 1943 in Auschwitz). Their parents were Hermann PINKUS and Grete, nee Meyer (born in Neustadt/Kstr., died in Auschwitz). The family lived in Central Berlin, Weinmeisterstrasse 13. Hermanns parents were Lesser PINKUS (born Nov. 27, 1867 in Mrotschen) and Dora Chaim (born Feb. 19, 1873 in Znin/Posen, West Prussia, died 1944 Theresienstadt). E-mail Dr. Lang at: jol.tue@t-online.de

Searching for descendants of Charles PIORNAK or PIORNACK and daughter Lena, born 26 August, 1864 at Freest (?) N Possen. Lena came to Chicago, IL in 1890. E-mail: Ruth Nichols at Pennewslet@aol.com

Information wanted on William Henry PIOTRASCHKE, born 1/26/1866 in Pommern. He is the son of Henry PIOTRASCHKE and Frieda Ricka WHILIMENIA. William H. married Theresa Zemke on 3/26/88 and moved to Freeport Ill.in 1899. Email: Heide@steviemo.com

Searching for PIOTTER, Poetter, Piotrowski, Petrus, from Giesebitzat Lake Leba, District of Stolp, Pomerania, Prussia. E-mail: JPiotter@aol.com

Seeking info on Carl or Fritz Piper, brother of Anon Robert Piper of Philadelphia. Family originally from Essen. Believe Anton was in Prussian Army. E-mail: AKopanski@aol.com

I am looking for relatives of Michael PIRWITZ, born 11 November, 1824, in Sommersdorf, Pommern, (married Christine ZIMMERMAN) and Carl Friedrich PIRWITZ, born 30 May, 1857, in Grunz, Pommern, (married Fredericka Elizabeth STRASBURG). They emigrated to Wisconsin, United States, in 1883. E-mail: gfparker@indy.rr.com or GPARKER@indy.rr.com

Looking for information on Sophia Dorothy PLANTIKO, who was born 10 October 1824 at Brenzow, Pomerania. She married August K. F. WINKLEMAN. They came to the US in 1874 with their four children: Hanna, Amelia, Albert and August. E-mail: EvieLamb@aol.com

I am searching about my family PLATE and their Wappen . They came from Pommern. E-mail: christop1911@terra.com.pe

I am looking for any information of the PLESS family. I know that my family traces back to Prussian origin and first appeared in medieval records in Hamburg. Any information, or suggestions would be greatful. E-mail: apless@seark.net

I am trying to find the ancestors and any relatives of Bernhardt Johannes PLOTZKE, born December 23, 1923 in Danzig. His mother's maiden name was KLINKUSCH. Any information would be appreciated. E-mail Dr. Olaf Bernd Plotzke at pintsize@sympatico.ca

Could anyone provide information on Frederick POERSCH 18?? who married Caroline LITZNER. Their son William POERSCH 1867-1959 married Wilhelmine SCHMIDT May 31, 1887 in the Lutheran Church in Dembzin, W Prussia. William emigrated to Canada in 1887 and brought Wilhelmine and other families from that area to Brunkhild, Manitoba, Canada. E-mail Warren Wolfe, PhD: keystone@inetex.com

I am looking for my ancestors POFAHL. Does anyone know where they came from, what town, place so on. Please e-mail me at scz1999@yahoo.com

I am looking for any information about Peter Richard POFF, born about 1770, a native of Prussia. Thank You. Barb S. e-mail: bobnroa@pipeline.com

Want information on following families from Selchow, Kreis Greifenhagen, Pomerania, Prussia: Ernst POCKAT, born 3 May 1826, married Wilhelmine FRITZ, daughter of Gottlieb Ludwig FRITZ, born ca. 1799, married ca. 1825. Albertina DIECK, born 1 Feb 1854, daughter of Ferdinand & Louise DIECK. E-mailNicole at peltier@mhtc.net

Want information on Carl POHLMANN, born in Pomerania 8-16-1853, died 1941 in Toledo, OH. His wife was Fredericka WESTPHAL, born 10-16-1858,married 1877, died 1914 in Toledo, OH. Came to US in 1882. rpohlman@pdq.net

I am attempting to research my family name POLST. If anyone has any information about the POLST origins it would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at r_polst_vet@hotmail.com.

Please let me know, where I could find information on the city of POMERODE in Brazil. It is said emigrants from Pommern went to settle there in 1861. E-mail: Paul Rogerio, Dipl.-Ing. (prrog@aol.com

My last name is POMMEREHN. I am wondering if my family name has any ties with Pomerania? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Mikel Pommerehn at peanutbutter@compuplus.net

Looking for information on anyone with a last name of POPERT, who may be related to Nicholai Phillip POPERT. E-mail: kitkatpop@yahoo.com

I am looking for my ancestors POPHAL. What town did they come from? When? What is their town called now? E-mail: Naydap@aol.com

Want info about Friederich PRAHL, spouse Caroline BOETTCHER, and son William (born Oct 24, 1853), who entered the US, Milwaukee, WI. area, between 1850 and 1857, presumably met by a brother at the docks in Milwaukee. Contact EAPrahl@AOL.com

Looking for information on Wilhem PREHM from Merseburg, Prussia, born 1827. E-mail: S90IMSA@aol.com

I am looking for information on Henry & Katherine (SCHNEIDER) PREIS, emigrated to US about 1900 from Lawvy, Prussia. Children born before immigration are Henry Jr. and Peter. E-mail: cdmsinc@home.com

Searching for PRETZEL/FIRZLAFF family in the Stolp area (Drenow and Stojentin) about 1880-1902. Which churches did the people of Drenow attend 1862-1900? E-mail: Papretzell@aol.com

Looking for information on Rev (John) Jacob PRICE, born around 1675 in Witzenstein, Prussia, came to America in 1719 and died in Lower Salford Township, PA, 1740's. My gggggggg grandpa. Email me at snailgrove@naxs.net

Looking for PRIMM family in Treptow near Gutzlaffshagen plus EBERT family in Gutzlaffshagen or Treptow. My e-mail address: rosepr@alltel.net

PROHL Carl Rudolph born 1846 in Prussia, married Mary Ann BOOTH in London. From there they came to New Zealand. I have his death cert, it lists no parents names, and have been unable to find him on the IGI. Carlis my gg grandfather. Can anyone help? Email osborn.j@ihug.co.nz

Looking for relatives of the PRUSAKOWSKI family of Brodnica, Poland/Strassburg, Westpreussen. The family split up in 1940.  Please contact C.V.Prusakowski, prusakowski@hotmail.com

Information wanted on my grandfather, Fritz PUFAHL, born 1875 or 1876. His last residence was Tretow, Prussia. He emigrated to the United States May 2, 1892 on the ship Pickhuben from Hamburg. E-mail: rogersbj@frontienet.net

I am interested in any information on Wilhelm and Karolina PUKLOWSKI ( formerly De OTT, formerly HERMAN), born in the 1850's in Alsaec or Alsace in Prussia (today Poland), who emigrated to New Zealand on the ship SHAKESPEARE in January 1876. Thanks, Anne Thorpe. E-mail: athorpe@ihug.co.nz

Looking for information on Frank PUROL from Prussia. He came to USA on board the ship "Asia" in March, 1873 with wife Petronella SCHULZ PUROL and sister Margaret. E-mail Sandi Purol RevaAlvis@aol.com

Information wanted on Wilhelm Fredrick PUTZIER, born April 8, 1859, in Greifswald, Pommern, Preussen, brother Carl born 1863 and sister Emma born 1866. Married Anna Maria STEUERNGUL June 5, 1884. Emigrated to Guelph, Ontario, Canada about 1885. Emigrated to United State from Canada about1896. E-mail: JOHNTVL@aol.com



I am seeking information on Christ QUASDORF, who came from Prussia to Wisconsin with wife Marie (Maria or Miriah) and children August (born Rockfeldt, Germany) and Eva. Another son remained behind in military. E-mail: golfer49@msn.com




My father Franz RADDAY was born in Prussia about 1906. Any information on him or his family would be appreciated. E-mail: RADDAYENT@aol.com

Looking for Information on the ancestors of John RAETH who emigrated to Michigan from Landsdorf Pommern in the 1860's. E-mail: Ernstrohmss@yahoo.com

I am searching for information on Johann David RADDATZ, who married Henrietta Hass. Some of their children were Charles (Karl) Raddatz born January 23 1844, August Friedrich Raddatz born June 23 1854 in Pommern Prussia, Herman J Raddatz born 1859, Charles came to America in 1866, August came to America in 1880 or 1881, Herman came to America in 1885. My email is ca4ribs@aol.com

Information on Daniel RAETHER and his wife Charlotte RADTKE (d. Bfr. 1876) from Trienke and/or Damitz, Pomerania. Of their 8 children, 7 emigratedto Albion, Michigan in the late 1860's and 1870's. One daughter marrieda BOHM and remained in Germany. The others are Herman, Wilhelmine T. (m. Charles GOLL); Karoline Henriette b. 1835 (m. BEHLING); Friedericke A.C.b. 1837 (m. Karl SCHUMACHER); Ludwig Frederick August b. 1846 (m. Ernestine LUTZKE); Johanna M. b. 1849 (m. Frederick GRUENWALD; and Therese Auguste b. 1854 (m. Gustav WILKE). E-mail: john__diane.cole@virgin.net

Edward RAHMLOW and Amelia QUANT from Verwalde, Pommern, Prussia; children include: Albert, Reinhold, August, Mathilde (m. Ferdinand Henning), Theresa (married Streseman), & Wilhelmina (b. 30 Nov 1850, m. Wilhelm Klaffke). Looking for  info. E-mail Kurt at rakcool@nehalemtel.net

Information wanted on RAHN from Pommern (before 1664). Our branch is believed to have migrated to West Prussia sometime before then, settling in Tiegenhof. Trying to connect our branch from our earliest known ancestor, a Jacob RAHN, b. 1750 in Platenhof bei Tiegenhof, W. Prussia. E-mail: momnpop@reachone.com.

I now know that my ancestors, Charles RAHN and Fredricka (last name unknown) came from Prussia (est. bet. 1858-1863) and were married 1861. Charles b.1837-1842 and Fredricka b. 1842 ended up in Chicago. Any help please! E-mail: ivorytick@aol.com

Looking for information about my ancestor Johann Gottlieb RAPATI, Royal Prussian Sergeant, who 1) was married to Anna Catherina Knüll, who 2) had a son with her named Johann Heinrich RAPATI, born in Hamburg October 3, 1770, who 3) died July 24, 1781 in Hamburg and who 4) was burried at the cemetery of the Michaelis Church in Hamburg. Pse e-mail to: a.w.j.mrapati@freeler.nl

Information wanted on Carl REETZ, married to Bertha, born before 1850. They came from either East or West Prussia and emigrated to Brown County, Minnesota, before 1890. E-mail: Danporter@jps.net

I am looking for any information on my great grandmother Elise Paulina REHSE and/or her mother whose maiden name was Goedke. They lived Pommern. kamrathk@ricelake.k12.wi.us

I seek information regarding the town in which Johannes REITER was born. It is listed as Martenshagen (Martinshagen?) Pommern, Preussen in 1780. Would that be the modern day Martenshagen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany or the Martinshagen in Pomerania, which is now named Grabowo? James Reiter at jereiter@juno.com

Looking for any information on the villages of Reselkow, Roman, Seefeld. Looking for record availability, churches, photos. Contact Marilyn Wurm at dilsen@charter.net

Information on Conrad RETZLAFF, who emigrated from Prussia to NYC about 1890. tom@tjd.net

Information wanted on my great great grandfather John REUSCH, who came from Prussia to America 1867-1868. He was born in 1833 and had a son Frederick (born 1859) and a daughter Amelia (born 1861). He came to Americawith his wife Friedericka (Ericka), who was born in 1835. jr968@yahoo.com(jack rice)

Information wanted on the family of my great grandfather Frederick RHODE, born in Pomerania on March 26, 1829. His parents were John and Sopia RHODE. He married Mary Berndt, also born in Pomerania. purltwo@aol.com

Looking for information on my grandfather's family. He was born in Graudenz, Prussia. His name was Leonhardt RHODE, born in the late 1800’s. E-mail: bruce_rhode@telus.net

Relatives of Johann Carl RICHTER and his wife Maria Rosina from Gross Rosen Silesia renamed Rogoznica, migrated to Australia in 1857. E-mail: leapartridge@optusnet.com.au

Looking for information on Frank RIEBE, who came to America in 1873 and married Anna Elizabeth Elge. He came to America with a brother, who he lost contact with after arrival. My e-mail address is LadyQ88A@aol.com.

Information wanted on RIEBOLD from Prussia. NTANGEL01@aol.com

Searching for family of William Frederick RIECK, married to Elizabeth WOALEMIANN/ WOOLEMIANN, both born in Pommern. Their son was Wilhelm RIECK (b. 24/09/1836 in Pommern; d. 11/09/1905). He was married to Wilhelmina DEILKE/DAILKE (b. 10/03/1844 in Pommern, d. 20/08/1883}. E-mail: ron4you@worldnet.att.net

Information wanted on my great-great-grandmother, married as Catherine RINCK, born in Prussia, Nov. 1808. She had a son Conrad, born 1836/37 in Prussia, and a daughter Margaret/Margarethe, born June 1843 in New York City. Obviously she emigrated to the U.S.A. between those two dates. Anotherson, Henry, was born 1846/47. I am descended from her daughter, who married Andreas/Andrew Meinzer from Baden. He emigrated 1859, at the age of 18,to New York City, U.S.A. E-mail:L_A_L_M@Yahoo.com

I'm searching for ancestors of my grandfather, whose name was Carl William RISTOW. He was born in Pomerania February 1, 1876 and emigrated to the U.S.A. at the age of 6. Any information would be appreciated. E-mail: nodestow@sherbtel.net

I am searching for ancestors with the family name of RISTOW, which I understand originated from Pommern, Prussia. Any information about this family name will be appreciated. E-mail: wtreece@southwind.net

My gg grandfather Franz August Joseph RODE was born in Trachenberg July 7, 1812, the youngest of seven children to Johann RODE and Helena Suescher. Left Berlin July 10, 1837, to come to Australia as a pioneering missionary. E-mail Leonie Barber at leoniebarber@bigpond.com

If you have information about the name VON ROEHRICH or ROURIK, please e-mail: a072676@prodigy.net.mx

Looking for ROSCHILD family in Gross Jestin, Kolberg area. E-mail: readmoore@ojai.net

Suche Verwandtschaft von einem Conditor ROSE, wohnhaft in Pyritz bis 1945. E-mail: ulrich1@mindspring.com

Information wanted on Rubin ROSENBERG, born around 1850 in Riesenburg (prabuty), county Rosenberg, West Prussia. Request search in "Staatsarchiv (Judenregister)" of Allenstein (olsztyn). He left Prussia for Bulgaria in 1879. E-mail: bernirosenberg@yahoo.com

Looking for information on Ludwig ROSIN and Bertha Hildebrandt from Pomerania, Prussia. Who were their parents and family? E-mail: budsbetty@worldnet.att.net

Looking for clues of Rucks in US around 1700's. Contact Carolina A. RUCKS (Isle of Ruegen) at carolinaanita@aol.com

I am looking for information on the name RUDAT, which I believe comes from Eastern Prussia. Anything available with this name around 1880 would be appreciated, as I do not have anything regarding this family name. E-mail: rrstudios@comcast.net

Looking for information on John Christ. RUDLOFF, Hans Philip RUDLOFF, who migrated to Pommern area in mid 1700s from near Heidelberg in Baden. I believe their descendants migrated further into Posen. E-mail Jerri in CA Jcrapo@ranchomurietabc.com

Information wanted on Peter RUEHLE and Katherine DAMLY(?) from Prussia. E-mail: buddyj3@wcta



Information wanted on Frederich Wilhelm OSTEN-SACKEN or OSTER-SACKEN,who arrived in the US from Prussia on Feb. 4, 1893. He was born March 5, 1868 and died June 23 , 1920. He married Katerina BADIOR. His name waschangedto Frederick William SAKON. buz@greenvillenc.com

Seeking information on my GGrandmother, Kathryn/Kate SAINCHEN, b. 5/28/1836 and emigrated to the USA in 1837. dmille2700@aol.com

I am looking for information on my grandmother's family. Her name was Christine SALOMON. She and her family came to America in 1871. E-mail Carol Reynolds at reynolds@kingcon.com

Would like information on Harmon (Hermann) SANKEY, born 2 January 1879, Stolp, Pommern, Preussen, in particular who was his wife and children. Thank you. Marian Bryson McGowen at Mtrophies@aol.com

Information wanted on my grandfather Paul Otto Richard SASS, born12 February, 1886 in Soltikow??, County Schlawe, Pomerania, Prussia. Thankyou. POTHACARY@aol.com

Information wanted on the ancestors of my father, Edward O. SAVITZ. His grandfather was George Fredrickson SAVITZ, born 1819 in Philadelphia, Pa.. I know only that the family was Prussian. My e-mail address is sarahg@mediaone.net

Information wanted on Johann SAWATZKI (SAWATSKE) and his wife Renate HOLTZ, who emigrated to America 1893/1894. Their five children were Harry F.(b.1884), Gustav Adolf (b.1886), Anna (b. 1884), Hans (b. 1886), Freda (Agusta) (b. 1892). In Pennsylvania, USA, two more sons: Carl (b. 1894)and Henry (b. 1888). E-mail Georgia Kagle: jazzy@paonline.com

Looking for information on SEEDORF. My great grandfather, Fredrich SEEDORF emigrated to the USA in 1850's. Any hints greatly appreciated. Please email: kennell@dlogue.net

Information wanted on the families SEELIG and NOAH. Gustav SEELIG was merchant and married to Clara Gellert (born July 2, 1881). Their last residence was Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, Kopenhagener Strasse 11. Their daughter Hertha married Herbert NOAH. Both Hertha and Herbert emigrated to La Paz, later to the USA. Herbert’s brother was Martin NOAH, a merchant by profession. Martin survived, because he was married to a Non-Jewish lady. E-mail Dr. Lang at: jol.tue@t-online.de

Information wanted on Mathias I von SEITLER, born June 04, 1674 in Huethenthal, Westphalia, Prussia, and died 1745 in Prussia. He married Dorothea X. They had 2 sons, Mathias II and Abraham, who went in 1700's to the USA and settled in Baltimore, Maryland. E-mail: mcola@blazenetme.net

I am looking for birthplace of Freidrich SENNET. Was in Schultzenhagen, Pommern in 1865. Married Hennerietta Finger in 1863 in Funkenhagen, Pommern. Had 2 sons, August Sennet born 1865 in Schultzenhagen and Franz Sennet born in 1863 in Funkenhagen. E-mail: PHILKERNEY@aol.com

Looking for information on Baron Mathias von (Sitler) SIEDLER and family in Huethenthal, Westphalia, Prussia. It appears he was a military officer and owned a silk factory. E-mail: JS4060@aol.com

Information wanted on George SIFFORD or SEIFFART from Prussia, a mercenary who worked for the British in the 1700's. Received a land grant in Virginia in 1743 near Belspring, Virginia. E-mail: FrederickWAdams@aol.com

Looking for SIMERING family from Doehren, Windheim, Prussia. E-mail: DARLENESSHOP@aol.com

Information wanted on Julia Alice SIMON, nee REMAK. Her parents were the merchant Arnold Remak (born Aug. 15, 1853 in Posen, died May 16, 1923 in Berlin) and Hedwig LOEWE (born Oct. 5, 1865 in Rogasan). After the couple got divorced in Sep. 1904, Hedwig REMAK moved with her 3 children Julia Alice (born Aug. 30, 1887 in Posen), Else (born Dec. 4, 1888 in Posen) and Curt Josef (born March 8, 1897 in Posen) to Berlin-Charlottenburg. Curt got deported to Theresienstadt, then murdered in Auschwitz. Else’s fate is unknown. Julia Alice’s last address was Joachimstaler Str. 12. She was apparently married and had 2 children: Carl SIMON emigrated to the USA and Hedda SIMON to Great Britain. E-mail Dr. Lang at: jol.tue@t-online.de

Looking for the family of Henry SOHM, born July 26, 1819 in Anklam. E-mail: dcmayson@email.msn.com

Information and pictures wanted of Ludwigshorst (near Regenwalde). My great great grandfather was August Friedrich Wilhelm SOHRWEIDE, bornDec.25, l863, in Ludwigshorst. He married Anna Christina Margarethe Bayer.Hisfather was Karl Friedrich Ferdinand Sohrweide. E-mail: spamfili@home.com

Seeking information on George SOMMERFELD and his wife Justine RHODE and their three children - Peter August SOMMERFELD (b 1867), Maria Elizabeth SOMMERFELD (b. 1864), and Johann George SOMMERFELD (b. 1862) born in Tragheim, West Prussia. At least part of the family emigrated to south Russia. Thanks! grant@sommerfeld.net

Friedrich SONTAG was born in the 1780's in Sarbske, Kreis Lauenburg, Pommern, and died in Gasconade County, MO. He married Constanzia (?). Three known children are Friedrich, Friedrike and Carl. All migrated to Gasconade County, Missouri, in 1852. Need info on Friedrich and Constanzia. E-mail: millie.rickey@gte.net

I'm searching for information on Joh SORWEIDE, who sailed from Hamburg to New York aboard the Sayonia in April 1868. He registered as a 27 year old farmer from Pomerania, Prussia. I am a 6th or 7th generationdescendant. E-mail: dsorweide@fc.mripa.org

I am researching the Sowadski (Sowatzki) line. According to the Cook Cty census Franz and Josefa came to the US in 1869. One census states they came from Prussia. The other says Hungary. One census lists them as Sowadski, the other Sowatzki. E-mail: clausen_sarah@hotmail.com

Looking for information about my great great grandfather Gottfried SPENLAU, born about 1800 in Prussia. He married Theresia nee RUDOLF fromFrance in1840. They had 5 children (3 girls, 2 boys) and emigrated tothe US about1851 and settled in Kenton County, Kentucky. E-mail: GIMWCM@aol.com

Information wanted on George Frederick SPIEGELBERG, b. 22 Jan 1794 in Klein Benz (Bieniczki) or Maskow area and Wilhelm Ernst F. Spiegelberg, b. 13 Mar 1807, emigrated 1854 and 1866 respectively. Where may vital records be found? E-mail: chipman2@mcleodusa.net

Looking for information on my grandfather Jacob SPIER, born 13 Nov.1820 and died 14 July 1859. He married in North Carolina, U.S.A. in 1847. He said, he was from Prussia. I have no other information. E-mail: roxlay@erols.com

Seeking information on Herman SROCK, son of Adam and Henrietta Bork. Contact Diane J. Davis - djdavis@pitt.edu.

Information wanted on the background of the SUDER family from Prussia. E-mail: PityPaddy@aol.com

I am seaching for the family of Ludwig and Julianna SUHR from Pommern, Prussia. They emigrated to the US around 1879. I think Julianna's maiden name was STIEVERT. Email: anita.hymas@MCIWorldcom.net

Searching for roots of J. F. SYDOW and Friedericke SYDOW; J. F. b1827 d 1897 in Washington County Texas. Friedericke born 1824 d 1918 inFort Bend County Texas. Immigration records describe origin as Callies,Pommern. Immigrated 1851 on ship Weser from Bremen. Other possible relativeswho are from Callies and buried in Texas are C.L. Hermann Sydow b 1824,Louise A. A. Sydow daughter of H. & Augusta Sydow b Jan 12, 1865. Contact:Steve Sydow 800.570.6710 phone N. America; 972.562.9988 outside of N America;972.540-6695 fax; sydow@opentechsystems.com; 555 Republic Drive # 200,Plano, Texas, USA 75074



I am looking for the family of Gustav Albert SCHACHT, born in Barth,1st September 1892 and Wilhelmine SCHACHT nee VIRA. He was my father. E-mail:"JAMES REMEDIO" <mundayawn@bigpond.com>

Looking for info on Fred SCHACHT (1837-1916), born in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg, came to U.S. 1869, and wife Dorothea ZARNOW (1842-1899). They settled in N. Judson, IN, and had a large family. Looking for town of origin and ancestors. Email: RHSchacht@aol.com

Information wanted on my great grandfather Karl SCHAEFER, born March10,1810, in Minderweis, County Limburg/Trier. My Grandfather Jacob Schaefer,born Feb 11, 1847, in Prussia. E-Mail: mwhitted@minot.com

I am looking for information on relatives of Johann Gottleib SCHATZ, born abt. 1798 in Pommern, Prussia. He married Caroline Louise Hackbarth abt. 1823. We first find them in Karlshoff (Neu Volzin), Kr. Greifenberg, in 1884. They emigrated to America with 5 of their children in 1851. Email: SCHATZARCH@aol.com

I am looking for info on Johannes und Katharina Schatz. Their son August was born 6/16/1823 in Waltershausen, Sachsen. E-mail: louise632@earthlink.net

I seek information about my great-great grandparents Claus SCHEER (Scherer?) and Dorothae Thomsen. Their son Hans Heinrich was born in Reedsburg, Schleswig Holstein, on 25 January 1850, and settled in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. E-mail: nedra@nwestwater.demon.co.uk

Information wanted on Wilhelm von SCHEH or von CZECH or SCHECH, born 1825, married Johanna BLISS. I was told, he was Burmeister (?) of Berlin, but lost track of history 1871. Johanna BLISS was originally from Garzigar, Pommern, and came to the US. E-mail: Rose Scheck Reece at rose5697@aol.com

Information wanted on my grandfather Ernest August SCHEFFLER, born1875 in Leba, Pommern. His mother was Emelia or Emily SCHEFFLER. He emigratedto Brooklyn, NY, 1888 and became 1897 a citizen and married Caroline SCHOENHUT. They lived in Brooklyn. She died 1913 and he 1919 at 44 years of age. Iwould like to get his birth or baptismal certificate. E-mail is FJSCHEFFLER@aol.com or Dutch6@bainbridge.net

I am researching the line of Franz SCHELLACK, born in Pomerania/Prusia about 1854. He emigrated to New Zealand about 1884 and died 1920. I cannot find any immigration records. E-mail June Pedley at pedley@ozwebip.com.au

Looking for the parents and/or siblings of Carl Johann Friedrich SCHIEFELBEIN born in 1858. He and his wife, Johanna Affeldt (Wendorff) left Natelfitz, Pomerania, Prussia between October 1878 and November 1880 for the U.S. They settled in Jefferson, Jefferson Co, WI . E-mail: mamieputnum@yahoo.com

Seeking decendents and information concerning the SCHLAACK (or SCHLAACKE) family from the Stettin area. Please contact Michael Schlaack, schlaackm@netzero.net

Carl Ludwig SCHLENDER and his wife Anna (Penitz) travelled to the United States in 1903. They Arrived Ellis Island with their two sons, Arthur, age 3 and Walter who was six months old. The family was from Rummelsburg. E-mail: jabarber@san.rr.com

Information wanted on Julia Wilhemina SCHLENTER, b. 1828 in Greifenberg, Pomerania, Prussia. She was the daughter of Wilhelm SCHLENTER (spellingvaries), married Christian ROTHACKER on 11th March, 1849 and left almostimmediately for Australia. E-mail: vbcan@netcon.net.au

Information wanted on the SCHLIEFERT family, which was originatedin Pommern. Please email: Schliefert@juno.com.

Information on Carl SCHLUETER, immigrated to USA (date unknown) from Alein Trechen, Pomerania. E-mail: gpieper@wi.rr.com

I am looking for Christine SCHLUMN from Schlorhauer area, married to Ludwig Horst with son George Ludwig Horst (born 9/11/1848) and daughter Carolena (born 7/26/1947), married to Jacob Hagedorn. E-mail me at horsta47@netscape.net

Seeking info. about Auguste SCHICHT, born Gohren, Pommern, Prussia, 1857. Child: Maria Mimma Elise Rascke, born July 4, 1879. No other info.. Mother came to US, married into Moellentin family. E-mail: gholsen@earthlink.net

Who would share information about the SCHIEVELBEIN family specifically Wilhelm Christoff (Christian) SCHIEVELBEIN, born 1814 in Pommern, and wife Maria Christina KOEPKE-SCHIEVELBEIN, born 1818 in Pommern? E-mail: rongayla@gte.net

Information wanted on Charles SCHLIEP, born July 13, 1850, emigrated to America from "Pomeron", Germany. I found only Pommern...or Pomeran(ia). He was married to Amelian FELDT, born 1851. Any assistance on family name, town, errors I may have made, would be appreciated. alr@marcus-online.net

My family located the name SCHLUNDGREN on a cradle from the 18th century. It is of Prussian decent, as are we. However, no one can find the history of this name. Help! E-mail: rbasora@cfl.rr.com

Information wanted on Johann Augustus SCHMIDT, born in Silesia, Prussia, 1844, married 1870 to Henrietta Louisa SCHMIDT (nee unknown), born 1840,left for Australia via England aboard a ship named "North" 1876. Arrivedat the port Adelaide, South Australia, about the same year. E-mail: Brett.Moffett@usa.net

Looking for information on the parents of William Gottlieb SCHMIDT, born August 7, 1861 in Senftenfutte, Prussia, married Marie Hermine LENZ, February 24, 1889. liebchen@netins.net

Any information wanted on SCHMITH family. Is this an original Prussian name or merely a spelling change to offset any perceived German affiliation? This was my maiden name. lk.vincent@student.qut.edu.au

I am searching for any information on the SCHNEIDER family -- John(b. 1808), Maria Annae (b. 1809), Elizabeth Louise (b. 1836), Joseph (b.1845) -- all of whom hail from Prussia and relocated to Michigan in the19th century. Please email me with any leads: jbsnider@amherst.edu.

Information wanted on the ancestors of Karl SCHNEIDER, national livestock dealer with agent in Berlin, born 1886 in Glowitz, Pomerania, Prussia. His brothers were Wilhelm (independent butcher) and Hermann (independant butcher), His sister Maria (Mietze) was married to the independent butcher Georg Tosch, his sister Klara to a businessman Wentzlaff, his sister Frieda was unmarried. His mother was probably a nee KROPP. His father (August ?) SCHNEIDER came as travelling journeyman presumably from Mecklenburg. Others emigrated in the 1800s to Berlin in Canada. E-mail: elklan@aol.com

I am looking for any information on Golhart and Margarite (Jacobs)SCHNEIDER from Prussia. Golhart born 1808, Margarite born 06/10/1826 inPrussia. Emigrated to US July 1857, settled Racine, WI., moved to BlueEarth County, MN. Golhart died there 12/19/1874. Family then moved to WA.Margarite died in Waterville, WA, May 27, 1908. May be from Skyren/Crossen.E-mail: pneely@northcascades.net

My great great grandfather Carl Henning Conrad SCHOETZOW and hisfather Charles or Christoph Martin SCHOETZOW migrated from Cothlow, Pomeraniain1860. Are there other Schoetzow family members remaining? Where is thissmallvillage located? Any history about this region around 1860? rwooden@marshallpoe.com (Richard Wooden)

I am looking for information on the family of August C. SCHON, born February 13, 1861 in Stettin. He emigrated to USA in 1882 and settled in Pennsylavania. E-mail Susan Walters at ruffin413@cfl.rr.com

I am looking for information on Max SCHRABISCH,  who was born in Stettin (Pomerania), Prussia, on March 1, 1869. His father's name was Julius Schrabisch and his mother's name as Emma Meinert Schrabisch. E-mail: coboro@aol.com

Looking for information on Jacob and Tebke SCHRADER and their kids Anna Catharine, Maggie, John H., Gesche, and Matilda. All born in Prussia except Matilda (Iowa). They immigrated around 1868 and lived in Iowa 1870. E-mail: mendytrejomartinez@yahoo.com

Looking for info. on my gr gr gr grandfather Joseph SCHRAGE, born in Prussia in 1828. E-mail: aimer74@hotmail.com

Information wanted on family of Johann Fredrich August SCHREIBER, born 1834 in Repplin, Pomerania, Prussia and his wife Albertine Wilhemine GANSKE, born 1837. They migrated to Racine County, Wisconsin. Johann died in 1908 and Albertine in 1904. E-Mail cfarrin@ckt.net 

Seeking information on Andrew SCHREIBER, married to Catherine (Kathryn) WERNER in Prussia. Their daughters, Rosalia and Maria (Mary) came to USA around 1890 from Bremen. Rosalia married Frank Carnowski, Mary married August J. Nitzke. uccello@dreamscape.com

Information wanted on Ferdinand SCHROEDER of Reselkow, Pommern, b. 1843, married abt 1867 to Marie ARNDT of Gutzlaffshagen, Pommern, emigrated to USA in 1872 to Wisconsin, first to Manitowoc County near Kiel, then to Wood County near Hewitt, where he farmed. E-mail: dwunrow1@wi.rr.com

Looking for info on Auguste Emilie (Amelia) SCHROEDER (b. 17 Oct. 1859 in Pommern), came to U.S. in 1863, parents Martin and Marie, married Friedrich Klocke in 1879, was a servant in the Henry Borges home in Sheboygan County in 1870. Audrey Klocke Heintz at flattopyuma@yahoo.com.

I am looking for info on Karl Friedrich SCHUCK and/or Augusta Wilhelmina BERTOG, both from Pommern, Prussia. They were married in 1890 (?) in St.Joseph, Mi. E-mail: Lilbanty@aol.com

I am searching for my great grandparents. They were Frederika SCHULTZ, nee BUSCH or DEUTSCH...and Christian W. SCHULTZ. Frederika born in 1844in Kuhlausen, Prussia (now Germany), . . . according to her obituary. Iwould appreciate any information you may have. Thank you Alvera Williams: nealon@computron.net

Looking for documentation of births of Frederick Wilhelm SCHULTZ, b. 28 May, 1824, and Henrietta Florentine Fornick SCHULTZ, b. 19 Feb., 1822, married 16 Nov., 1845. Where is the community of Kratzig? E-mail Carolyn Schultz Zenoniani at zeno@iline.com

Try to locate Rosalie SCHUMANN, who emigrated to the United Statesfrom Prussia around 1860. She married Samuel KITZMAN. mey5115@attglobal.net.

Information wanted on my great grandfather Augustus SCHWANDT, whowas the 7th child of 2nd generation Schwandt's. He was born on 2/Mar/1829in the village of Zulkenhagen, Pommern, Preussen. He married FredrickeBauman in1854 and left Zulkenhagen for North America that same year. tschwandt@bmts.com

Information wanted on the VON SCHWARTZMAN family. Originally theywere making swords. My father, Richard Charles referred to his father asBaronvon Schwartzman. My father died in WWII and my mother could not reachthevon Schwartzman family after the war. All records have been lost. ljubojevic@aol.com>

Looking for information on J. P. SCHWEPPE, born 29 May 1810 in Borgholzhausen, Ravensburg, Halle, Prussia. He emigrated to the United States November 16th, 1853, on the ship Auguste from Bremen to New Orleans. E-mail Keith Turner at wingman407@aol.com or wingman407@peoplepc.com




Seeking information on Earnestina STALEY, b. 25 Sept 1869 in Pommern. She came to Green County, Wisconsin in 1887. Her sister, Mrs. Fred Zuhlke, also came to America, but her two brothers stayed in Pommern. Her widowed mother, Fredina(?) came to stay with Earnestina and her husband Fred FELDT in 1898. Contact Margot householddrudge@charter.net

Looking for Bertha STANGE, born 1870's in Wende-Silkow, moved to Stolp, married August Dehn, Also need city map of Stolp with street names and Lutheran Church to contact, reply mstange12@wideopenwest.com

I am looking for information about the STANGL family, emigrated to the U.S. in the mid 1800s, possibly settled in the Dyersville, Iowa area and later in Dedham, Iowa. E-mail: tstangl@in-termserv.com

Researching surname STECKLING from Kreis Regenwalde, Henkenhagen (Wangerin area) around 1840's onwards. The Stecklings owned land. August STECKLING and STAGE had 10 children (7 died from diptheria). Hulda Ida Amelie, born 1863, married HAASE, Karl, Anna married a MINZLOFF. E-mail Donna Spencer at donnas@itxperts.com.au

Searching for the family of Henrietta STEFFEN, born in Pomerania December 9th, 1839. Her parents were Fredrick STEFFEN and Fredira MAAS. Henriettamarried Johann TEWS in April, 1860. She had a first born son Julius F WSTEFFEN born February 6th, 1860 in Holzhagen, Pomerania. Julius F W STEFFENis my great grandfather. Information on the STEFFEN Family forward to DanielSteffen:dsteffen@ccadmin.cc.edu

My greatgrandfather Friedrich STEFFEN came from Tribus, Pommern, in 1880, but I cannot find Tribus on any map or in any list of sites. Can anyone help? E-mail Boyd Seevers at BSeevers@aol.com

Looking for the family of Henry von STEIN, born about 1873 in Germany. Believed to be of Prussian descent. E-mail: dcmayson@email.msn.com

Seeking information on Carl STEINHORST, born 8/23/1843 in Pomerania, first of his siblings to emigrate to Newville, WI. He married (Hannah) Caroline Schultz, born 11/1/1850 of Lake Mills, WI. E-mail: marcyskala@aol.com

Information wanted on Friederick STEPHAN, born Oct. 18, 1845, Kassovo, West Prussia, evangelisch, married Justena Mannke, later Augusta Emilie Winkler, moved to Lake Geneva, WI, USA. E-mail: fandkkaempfer@webtv.net 

I am looking for information on Friedrich Wilhelm STERNENBERG, born January 1803, and Johann Abraham STERNENBERG, born 1767, residents of aPrussian town named Barmen. Please email cgorman@gan.net.

I am looking for information on Julius Gustuv STERNENBERG, born Nov 20, 1839. His father was Johann Abraham Sternenberg from the town of Barmen, Prussia. Please email kelkolkat@hotmail.com with any information.

Information wanted on Anna/Lucy STIELKE, born in Pommern 1879, emigrated to USA. Think Anna/Lucy may be twins. Please reply to elleneward@att.net

Information wanted on my gg Augusta STOEHR, married to Friedrich Julius Kuehn. Children born in Prussia: Ida , Ernest and Selma Kuehn. Emigrated to America November 1882 on SS Cimbria, it's last sailing before it sank in 1893. Beverly Vaughan at AllTheVaughans@aol.com

I am looking for information on Edward STONE BRUNER (STONEBRUNER,STEINBRENNER), who emigrated from Prussia about 1835 (born about 1826).He married Margaret Susan Simpson in Knox Co. In. in 1847 and settled inDaviess Co. Indiana.E-mail: gjbruner@alltel.net

Looking for information on Jacob STOUT, born around 1840 in Prussia, married Priscilla McRae in 1868 in Indiana. E-mail: Bugsue@prodigy.net

Information wanted on August STOWASSER, born February 19, 1808 inPrussia, emigrated to the US in 1843 in the Old Lutheran immigration viathe Buffalo Synod to Cedarburg Wisconsin. He was a teacher and close associateof Heinrich Von Rohr. Died in 1873 in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. E-mail: NBurns4284@aol.com

I am looking for information about the STRELINGER family, which came from Streling near Olmutz (Olomouc) in 1700's. E-mail: Strel@mindspring.com

Looking for info. on STRELOW/ROTHSCHILD family. They lived in GrossJestin, Kolberg, Pommern, emigrated to US in 1881 and settledin Illinois.E-mail:readmoore@ojai.net

Looking for info. on Carl STRELOW/Wilhelmine MUIR/Augusta DORING family. They lived in Kolberg, Pommern, emigrated to Australia in 1877.E-mail: anthonystralow@yahoo.com

Franz F. STROEDE, born March 12, 1855, married to Karoline Lemke, born November 19, 1852. They immigrated in 1892 with 5 children: Gustav, Hedwig, Reinhold, Amanda, and Ida. Settled in Oshkosh, WI. E-mail: mmstroede@mediaone.net

I want information regarding Gustav STRUCK, who emigrated to theUnited States in 1894 from Rothenfier, Hohen, Pommern, and was marriedto Albertine Friedericke Wilhelnine HABECK. ggeorge322@aol.com

Seeking info on David Friedrick August STRUTZ and Christina Regina W. Dorothy KRAUS, who had 10 children in Stettin baptised at St. Matthaeus Church ca. 1840-62. Their 7th child, Carl, left for NY on the Donau 1865 with Heinrich DITTMAN's family. E-mail: jkamethyst@yahoo.com

Searching for family of four brothers from Prussia, who served with the British Army based in Canada during the American Revolution. They deserted to escape to America. One brother died in transit. The name is spelled STUTENROTH in America, but it may have been changed from its original spelling.E-mail: kilkea@duo-county.com

STUWER (STUEWER) with GOTTSCHALKS from Heinrichschaffe, Pommern, late 1800's on steamer Devonia. Email Jungletown90@aol.com

Looking for origin of my last name, it is STUKAS. E-mail: ROBERTSTUKAS@aol.com



I am looking for my greatgrandfather, Paul TESKE, born in Prussia, Jan. 22, 1840. He came to Wisconsin, USA, 1850 to 1875? dteska@msn.com.

Looking for relatives of Karl Fredrick TESMER & Johanna Louise nee Haumann TESMER. Two children went to America: August TESMER and AugustaTESMER HINTZ. They were from Salentine, Pommern, Prussia. E-mail: jbkrug@aeroinc.net

Looking for information on Wilhelm, Carl or Johann TEWS from Prussia. E-mail: ringq@chorus.net

I am looking for information on Herman TEWS, August PARPART and Albert OTTO, ancestors and descendants. They all came to the USA in late 1800'sfrom around Stettin, Pommern and developed farms near Kennan, WI. E-mail:atews@aol.com

Information wanted on my great grandfather Jacob J. TEWS and his parents Carl and Wilhelmina TEWS. They might be from Cammin, Neugard or Greifenberg in Pomerania and settled in Detroit at the turn of the 19th century. E-mail: beth.allen1@sympatico.ca

I am researching the surname THEEL: Ludwig Theel, born in Pommern, Prussia, about 1876, came to America via New York about 1895, settled in Philadelphia, then in Gloucester Co. New Jersey, died 1934. E-mail: uniquebec@aol.com

Information wanted on THOEMKE/THOMKE (THAMKE). Albert Carl Gustav Thomke, b. Feb 8, 1842, in Greifenberg, Pomerania, Prussia, d. June 8,1910, in Wisconsin, USA. He married Eva Maria Ley, b. June 17, 1851, duringemigration to USA, d. Oct 4, 1894, in Wisconsin, USA. Email: dkathamke@home.com

Information wanted on the THUROW family, Rubkow-Crenzow-Zarrentin-Anklam area, ca. 1800's. E-mail: atuhro@earthlink.net

Looking for any information related to Johann David THUROW, born Nov. 15, 1812, married to Henriette EHLERT, born April 3, 1813. Had son Friedrich Thurow, born April 9, 1841. All emigrated to Wisconsin in 1860's. E-mail: dpthurow@aol.com

I am looking for information on 6xgreat grandfather from Prussia:Cornelius TIESEN, born 1652 in Crefield, Prussia, died 1716 in Germantown,PA. TYanito124@AOL.com

TIMM, Christophe born 03/20/1819. He came from Zarnekla, Kreis Grimmen, Pommern, was in Danville Illinois in 1866. Wife unknown. Father possibly Joachim. Any information appreciated. E-mail: tlm49@aol.com

Information wanted on my grandfather Michael TIMSSCO, who servedinthe Prussian army as an officer around 1904 - 09. He went to a militaryschool. My grandmother was from the Carpathian Mountains. E-mail: Carrington50@aol.com

I am seeking information on August TOEPPER, a relative of mine originally from Czirwenz. I can be contacted at toepper@tds.net

Searching for TRADER or KLEIST family, who emmigrated to Michigan, USA in the early to mid 1800's. Apprently they came from the area near Kolberg, Pomerania. Contact bettstrader@gci-net.com

My deceased father Heinz TRINKHAUS stems from Stettin. Any information would be welcome at wonton@seaportmarine.com

I am looking for info on Adolph TROYKE, born in Vietzig, Pommern,in 1809. He emigrated to the USA and settled near Chicago, Illinois. E-mail: Stroyke@aol.com

Looking for information on great, great, great grandparents: FRANKTOELLE born in Prussia-1803 who married ELIZABETH KUPINGHAUS born in Prussia-1804. Their son JOHN TOELLE born 08/08/1840 in Prussia who migrated to USA (Missouri area). If you have information please contact: xvrlb@ttacs.ttu.edu

Looking for information about family name TUBBE. I am not certain the origional name, but TUBBE is name used in US. Any information will be helpful! E-mail: Halifax@netdot.com



Searching for the UECKER/UEKER/UCKER surname around the Reslkow, Roman, Seefeld areas. Time frame of late 1700's thru 1870's. Any information appreciated. E-mail Marilyn Wurm at dilsen@charter.net

Information wanted on family of Kurt Willie Walter UECKER, born in Steinhagen Kr. Franzburg. His father was Walter Uecker, mother Alma Uecker nee Winrich(?). Grandfather’s brothers: Bruno, Max, Hermann, Willie. E-mail: Justm34173@aol.com

Information wanted on Matta M. ULMER, born Feb. 16, 1824 in Bremerhaven, Hannover, Germany. She is my gg grandmother. She married Frederick Conrad Dunker/Duncker on July 12, 1851. They immigated to Genesee County Michigan. If you have any information on Matta please contact me at Senithf57@webtv.net

Researching surname ULRICH. August ULRICH and wife Mathilda WITTemigrated separately from Hinterpommern to Chicago, Illinois USA in 1800's.Marriedin Cook County Illinois in 1883. Contact Ron at eichstae@frontiernet.net

Searching for relatives of Wilhelmine ULRICH, born Nov. 25, 1839 in Pomerania and his brother Hermann ULRICH, b. July 17, 1849. They emigrated in 1880 to Wisconsin, Wilhelmine with husband Carl Hartwig in 1861 and Hermann with wife Louise Zimmerman. Contact Carol Bowen mcbowen@charter.net

I am searching for the family UTTENBACH. My Grandmother was Hedwig UTTENBACH, born 25.12.1879 in Goldgraeber Hauland now Murowana-Goslina close to Posen (Poznan). Her father was Gottfried UTTENBACH and her mother Louise nee WINICKA, who was second wife of Gottfried. It was a big family; many were killed in WW2. I am sure, somewhere must be someone who I am related to. My name is Monika Grace, I am living in Ireland and I am looking forward to hear from an aunt, uncle or cousin. E-mail: mgrace@eircom.net



Any information about Franz Ernst Christopf  VANSELOW from Schulzenhagen, born 1825. He came to Australia about 1849 (courtesy of Prussian navy?). The rest of his life is known to descendants. dvanselow@hotmail.com

Information sought regarding Prussian family of pioneers of Australia with surname VERITZ. Contact steve.mcmarson@beenleigshs.qld.edu.au

I really don't know much about my ancestors except our name changed to VERKIN. They came to the United States to avoid the war. Send information to BOIVerkin@aol.com

Charles VINSELL/WINSELL emigrated to US via Ireland, late 1800's (?), adopted the name COEN while in Ireland, was Jewish Military Officer avoiding persecution. Wife's name unknown. Mail to EC350@aol.com

Looking for information about Charlotte ABRAHAM VOELZ, born June 16, 1827, died Dec 1, 1883. She was married in 1845 to Carl VOELZ, born Nov 26, 1822, died March 14, 1896. We know of one daughter named Ida M. who was born Oct 26, 1855 in Hinter-Pommern Warnien. E-mail: rlued92989@aol.com

Information wanted on William VOELZKE, born 1815, and Friederika PISKER, born 1818 in Prussia, sailed June 8, 1865 from Bremen, Germany on "Neptune"to USA. E-mail: d.fern@worldnet.att.net

Information wanted on August VOELZKE, born in Pommern 5/23/1853. He came to N.Y. on SS Obdam 6/21/1870 with Franz, wife Charlotte VOELZKE, their children Carl 7, Willy 5, and Paul 3. August came to Milwaukee, Wis., married and lived there for the rest of his life. E-mail: GeraldVoelzke@MSN.com

Friedrich Gottlieb VOIGT, b. 1855 in Karnitz, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern. His mother was Wilhelmine Friedrieke Sophia VOIGT. Her father was Johann Friedrich David VOIGT (1800-1874) and he died in Karnitz. E-mail:rosedon@gateway.net

Information wanted on Johannes VOLKER, born in 1841 in Benkhausen, Prussia, moved to Australia in 1864. Johannes' father was Heinrich Volker. E-mail: shirleyc@dnet.aunz.com

Looking for Wilhelm VOLLBRECHT, born 1871 in Pommern, married Marie DEHN 1890'2, probably in Stolp. Reply to mstange12@wideopenwest.com

Looking for information on the VOLTZ family. My great grandfather was an officer in the Prussian Army. Please email info to Wolffire0000@aol.com



Information wanted on Johann David WACHHOLZ, born about 1769 in Luebgust, Pommern, Prussia. He married Hedwig Louise KRULL in April 1796 in Gramenz, Pommern, Prussia. E-mail: cmhlarsen@cs.com

Information wanted about my great grandfather, Carl Henry WACHHOLZ, who married Augusta HAMMERSTEAD somewhere in Prussia before emigrating to the US - Chicago. Also, it is thought that Carl came to Chicago because of a brother in Chicago. E-mail Suzy Wachholz Storms: rstorms@kscable.com

Information wanted on Princess Amelia WAGNER. She was born in Pomerania - mid 1800's and married Konradt Daubermann. E-mail Garth on chalenge@qualitynet.net

Looking for info on g-grandfather Fred C. WAGNER, born 7-10-1882 in Sabes, Pommern Preussen. Immigrated to Cedarville, Illinois. E-mail: jmbrunke@ftc-i.net

Information wanted on the WARNKE family, which lived in Pomerania, Prussia, in the late 1860th. Theodore WARNKE was born Dec. 26, 1843, and Hennriette KARNETZ was born 1853. Please contact Ed Warnke under s-penn@home.com (Pennington, Susan)

Looking for information on the WARSANY or VERSANY family particularly Ernst Friedrich Ferdinand Gotthilf, born 1825 Dischenhagen, Cammin, or his son Karl Friedrich Gotthilf, born 1851, Dischenhagen. Please email peter.wars@btinternet.com

WEDELL, Marie Magdalena Johanna, 6/21/1883-3/2/67; parents August Carl Wedell, 9/19/1837 (W. Prussia)-12/5/1862, Augusta Emelia Fiek, 10/14/1840 (Germany)-11/11/25 (Oakes, ND). M. Ludwigshorst. Other children Bertha Ottilie Wedell Zuehls, Albert Wilhelm C., Herman Erich L. (Ludwigshorst), August Fredrich M., Ewald Gustav H. (Newton). E-mail: granykratz@plateautel.net

Information wanted on Otto-Johann WEHNER (and family), born in the town of Penkuhl, Kreis Schlochau in 1906, then part of West Prussia (became part of Pomerania in 1939), died in Italy in 1943. E-mail: jhwehner@msn.com

I am looking for information on Joachim WEILAND, protestant pastorat Wolgast, Pommern, probably in the late 17th and/or early 18th century. His son, Johann Joachim WEILAND, studied at Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein in1719 and was pastor at Bannesdorf, Island of Fehmarn, Holstein. I believethe family originated in Pommern and would like any information available. Paul Frost: pefrost@mediaone.net

Information wanted on Alexander WEINBERG (WEINSBERG?), who was the Prussian commissar of Passports on either side of the 1900's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  NDesign33@aol.com

Christian Fredrick WEINKE, born around 1841, probably in Zetzin, his wife was Justine Fritz. Also, looking for info on Michael WEINKAUF, born between 1792 and 1831, his wife was Louise Schlief, they were from Vandsburg, Preussen or Kreis Saatzig, Pommern. Krohrer@jacobsmarketing.com

If anyone has information on the WEINKOETZ or WEINKOTZ or WEINGOTZ family I would appreciate hearing from you. My great, great grandfather was involved with marionnette dolls. E-mail: Byrum5@cs.com

Researching surname WENDLAND (WENDLANDT). Friederick Wendland emigrated from Woltersdorf Greifenhagen Pommern in 1800's with daughter Christine Eichstaedt nee Wendland to Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA. E-mail Ron at eichstae@frontiernet.net

Looking for family of Henrietta WENDLAND, born Sept. 23, 1848 in Posen. She came to Texas about 1876 with daughter Hulda, born Jan. 19, 1871. Henrietta's parents were Samuel and Henriette Schulz/Wendland. E-mail: E.-Mail-DotNoakR@aol.com

Looking for information on my ancestor Johan August Friedrich WENDORF and his family. He was born August 15, 1857 in Revenow, Cammin. His parents were Wilhelm and Louise WILDE Wendorf. Johan August came to Wisconsin in 1884 by himself. E-mail: jwendo@chorus.net

I am looking for info on Theodore WERNER. He supposedly came from Prussia in 1869 with his wife Friederike, son Ernest, and daughter Minnie. E-mail: master@galenalink.com

WENDT, Johann born 07/09/1836 in Poggendorf, married a Christine, unknown last name. Was in Danville, Illinois in late 1800's. Any information appreciated. E-Mail: tlm49@aol.com

I am searching for Herman WICHMAN, b. 1861/62, married Maria Theel, both born in Prussia. E-mail: lorindawichman@yahoo.com

Infomation wanted on John WIESE, born in Kamionna, Mockrau Parish, Kreis Konitz, West Prussia, Jan. 18th, 1832. He was baptized Johann David WIESE on Jan. 22, 1832 according to the Mockrau Evangelical Church records. His parents were Christian and Maria POBANDT/POBANZ WIESE. E-mail: rawiese@juno.com

Looking for information on August K. F. WINKLEMAN, my great grandfather, who came to America in 1874 from Strasburg (Strausburg), Pomerania. He was born 28 October at Brenzow, Pomerania and married Sophia Dorothy PLANTIKO. E-mail: EvieLamb@aol.com

Information wanted on Heinrich Wilhelm WINTERBERG, born 1808 in Prussia, married 4 May 1831 to Catherina BEHRNS. His children born in the Netherlands were Henry Frederik Theodore (b. 23 Sep 1833), Gertruida Johanna Helena(b. 4 June 1836), Helena (b. 7 Oct 1840), Johann Fred Wilhelm (b. 9 July1838). Johann Friederich Winterberg and Anna Helena T. Boher were Heinrich'sparents. lorraine@westriv.com

Seeking information on family of Ludwig WINTERFELDT, b. 1824 in Altwigshagen, married Caroline Ninow (b.1830) about 1848, first child Bernhard born Greifenberg 1849, emigrated from Muddelmow to U.S. in May, 1851. E-mail: dballen@triconet.org

August Friedrich Wilhelm WITTE was born 29 August 1838 in Sassenhagen, Kreis Saatzig, Pommern. Looking for info on his father Christian Friedrich and/or mother Dorothea Louise KRAUSE. E-mail Glenn Witte at wglenne@aol.com.

Hermann WITTE, son of Wilhelm Witte and Henrietta Witz, born October 16, 1851 in Prussia. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1872. Any information on this family would be very helpful. Thanks. E-mail: vando@dccnet.com

Searching for information on Pauline WITTING, born 1884 in Dirschau, Pomerania, daughter of John (or Jacob) Witting and Frances Grenz Witting. Left for America in 1899 to join brother Leo Witting in Ohio. Marie Osborne, lochbrady@aol.com

I am looking for any information on the surname WOHLFARTH/WOLFORD. Ancestors of this line came to Pennsylvania sometime around 1728 from Prussia. I am interested in any information any one may have. E-mail: fhwolford@aol.com

Searching for info on my great grandmother Anna Sophia von WOLGAST. My great grandfather Herman Richard LIEHR was police inspector. Her ancestors came probably from Pommern. Wolgast is a city in Pommern. E-mail: ngardo@ozemail.com.au

I am Looking for the surnames WOLLSCHLAEGER, TANDETZKE, STROMOWSKE and MAUSOLF from the Kr. Schlochau area in Pomerania, Prussia. Please e-mail me at geowal8805@aol.com

Looking for information about Henry Otto Ernest WOODRICH, born March 5, 1834 in Iven, Pomerania. Died 1911 in Ionia, Michigan. Married Friederika, but do not know the last name or birthdate. E-mail: mwoodrich@mail.com

My great grandfather, William Charles WORMELL, (b. 2/12/1840) cameto the US in 1856 aboard a ship as a cabin boy. His papers only said he was from "Prussia". The name changed to WORMELLE early 1900. Please inform me, if you came across the name. "Jim" gymjim@bellsouth.net







We found in IGI the marriage of Carl Heinrich ZACHOW (b 1815) and Albertine Wilhelmine BRAUN (b 1818) on 6 Jun 1842 in Pommern. Also their child Auguste Mathilde ZACHOW, chr 22 Sep 1850, in Glansee, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern. E-mail: zpz87@hotmail.com

Looking for any information on the family ZAMEIT from Koenigsberg. E-mail: moriger@attglobal.net.

Information wanted about the ZANOTH family formerly Deutsch Krone,Sagemuehl, Schneidemuehl, Hasenberg. E-mail: Reinhold@zanoth.de

Looking for any information on Heinrich ZARLING, born June 17, 1820, married to Caroline ?, born July 3, 1819, had daughters Emilie, born Oct. 9, 1848, and Hannah. All emigrated to Wisconsin in 1860's. E-mail: dpthurow@aol.com

Information wanted on the family of my ggreat grandfather Wilhelm Karl Albert ZIEGELMANN, born 7-18-1868 in Prussia, married to Hulda Charlotte KELLER, born 3-18-1873. Apparently moved to Berlin. He had a brother Walter with son. E-mail: apost@hotmail.com

Information wanted on the family of Michael Joseph ZEIGER, ZUEGER,ZIEGER, ZEIGLER, ZIEGLER(?), etc. born October 24, 1840 in Prussia accordingto his death certificate issued from the State of Nebraska. Unfortunately, his father is listed as unknown. E-mail: billzeiger@juno.com

Looking for any info on Ida Mathilde ZEITEL. Her father was JohannMartin ZEITEL and her mother was a nee Henriette Charlotte DUMMERT. Ida was christened in Sankt Matthaeus, Bredow, Pommern, Prussia. E-mail: Number1minga@aol.com

Information wanted on Max ZELLMER (Father: Adolf Zellmer), * 07.10.1908, and Eliese SCHULZ, * 01.08.1912 Runau, Friedrich Julius Schulz, * 30.03.1884, and Emma Emilie Böhm, * 12.08.1888, Friedrich Wilhelm Schulz and Bertha WARNKE, Mr. BOEHM and Ms. HINZ. E-mail: ElisabethBachert@email.com

Looking for birthplace of August ZELLMER. E-mail: skipjan@webtv.net

Searching for the father of my mother: Max ZEMKE, born on 3rd November 1899 in Sackshoehe near Schlawe, probably died in Garrin near Kolberg in autumn of 1945. Is there a grave of him or a paper on it? E-mail: EKaempfe@aol.com

Infomation wanted regarding Ulrich ZERGER, born in Pomerania around 1730. He sailed on the St. Andrew from Rotterdam in 1752 and settled in the Derry Church area (now Hershey, Pennsylvania). I am trying to find info on his wife Barbara ? and also if he sailed alone. Please contact ladydeehuff@yahoo.com

Information on ZESSIN family from Stolp, Pommern. August Herman Ludwig Zessin(1858-1932), parents Karl and Karoline Albertine (Pieper) Zessin. Siblings Augusta, Herman, and Albert. Married Bertha Caroline Henriette Boelke/Boehlki around 1880. Contact mary_till@hotmail.com

I am looking for the family of Erich ZIEGLER, last to be living in Stettin, Pommern, before World War II. Anyone with information, email me at pbennett1@mindspring.com

I am searching for the parents and siblings of my great-grandfather, Johann Ernst Gottlieb ZIEMANN, b. 5 October 1829 in Zuelshagen, Dramburg, Pomerania, Prussia. My E-Mail Address: QUITA22456@aol.com

Information wanted on the family of Ernst ZINTGRAFF from Prussia. Ernst was born around 1835 in Seigen, Prussia and emigrated to New Orleans, LA,  and Texas, USA, and died in Denison, Texas. E-mail: Oh21putt@aol.com

About 1840 Johann ZORDEL married Caroline NEITZEL in Pommern. They migrated to the United States and lived in St. Joseph in Berrien County, Michigan about 1874-75. Both are buried there. Looking for both names in Pommern. E-mail: brackett1@skyenet.net

Information wanted on Friedrich ZUEHLKE, b. May 10, 1839, at Kremmin, Saatzig, Prussia, married March 1860? to Christina Ernestine SCHULZ/ SCHULTZ, b. August 26, 1838, at Konstantinopel, Saatzig, Prussia. These children were born in Pommern: August Ferdinand ZUEHLKE, b. May 1861; Albert Ernst ZUEHLKE, October 12, 1862; Friedrich W. ZUEHLKE, b. about 1864. All immigrated to U.S.A. about 1866. Friedrich's known siblings were: August Ferdinand ZUEHLKE, b. 1852; August William ZUEHLKE, b. 1848; August ZUEHLKE, b. 1846; Johann ZUEHLKE; Julius ZUEHLKE; Wilhelmina ZUEHLKE; and Louise ZUEHLKE. Email: dz9603@aol.com

Great Grandfather: Carl Fredrick ZUMM, 1853 - 1933, born in Brietzig, Pomerania, Prussia, May 11, l853, came April 19th, l876, to America, settled in Fountain Prairie, Wisconsin, married Maria KUENS l880. Any responses are appreciated e-mail: Silverbeard@vcn.com


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