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I publish this web page out of respect to my and my ancestors' homeland.

I was born before 1932 in Pomerania, a province of Prussia. It was after World War I. The King of Prussia (Emperor of Germany) lived in Holland in exile. His empire was dismantled. Germany became a republic, known as the Weimarer Republic. Prussia proclaimed to continue as democratic Free State. The German leaders could not cope with the introduced democracy. Some of them considered the postwar period a recovery time for continuing the war with new strength. The German Reichs-President von Hindenburg reigned despotic like a king, releasing and appointing chancellors (Prime Ministers) as he felt. The Austrian Adolf Hitler tried to get power over Germany. Anarchism and political chaos reigned. In contrast to Germany, the democracy in Prussia functioned well. The representatives of the different parties were sitting in the parliament and solved Prussia's problems peacefully as would they live on a different planet.

My mother was born in a tiny village in the hardly accessible swamp and bogs of Lake Leba. The villagers were poor, but proud and self-sufficient. Lake Leba and their tiny farms provided the food. The rest of the world was for these villagers as far away as the South Pole. They lived isolated and in enviable peace. One could easily get the impression that the time stood still for hundreds of years. Sometimes I believe the ancestors of my mother must have resided on the shores of Lake Leba from begin of human existence. By race they probably were Wends, Pruzzen, Cassubs. In signs from the sky, in amulets and superstition they looked for help. The complete area along the shores of Lake Leba had built their first Christian church around 1943/44.

Except serving in the military, the Nazis did let us live in peace. Until our forceful expulsion by the Poles in the years after World War II we named settlements Paris, Amerika, Kalifornien a.s.o., so that we could travel to America, California and Paris and dream. Today, Poland uses some of our villages for tourist attractions and rezoned them to historic sites as museums. Officially we were apparently murdered by the Nazis, or for easy expulsion declared Germans.
I was born in a village sometimes nicknamed Cassubs Jerusalem. The history reports from villagers who fought to the end of the 19th century vigorously for their rights with the church and even threatened to build a church for the devil.

We spoke probably an old Germanic language. The people said, that they could converse with the Dutch, but the Germans could not understand them. Our language and culture died out with our expulsion.

On this Web Page I am mainly concerned for the people along the Baltic Sea, who were too indigenous, poor, uneducated, hardly walked the 3 to 6 km to the next village and had nothing to do with politics and wars, but were selected by the Allied Powers to pay with their little possessions and lives for Hitler's atrocities, whom they had never seen, and to whose Reich they were forcefully annexed July 20, 1932 by a coup d'etat. The survivors are scattered over the whole world.

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The Demise of Pomerania and Prussia

Pomerania was a Prussian province and not a German one. Prussia with 13 provinces was bigger than Germany and played in the history since the Grosse Kurfuerst a role about equal to that of Austria, France and England. World-renowned historians as Golo Mann and Schoeps make it clear, that Germany illegally and forcefully annexed Prussia on
July 20, 1932. In a coup d'etat, plotted by the German Chancellor von Papen with the support of the German Reichs-President von Hindenburg and his advisor von Schleicher, was the Prussian Chancellor Otto Braun ousted. Von Papen then appointed himself to Reichs-Commissioner of Prussia and presented Prussia as a gift to the Nazis. Prussia fought against it at the Reichs-Court of Constitution and won. However the German government ruled already forcefully and lawlessly. It just ignored the decision of the Highest Court. Six months later, January 30, 1933, Hitler won as promised the election. Reichs-President von Hindenburg appointed Hitler to be the new Reichs-Chancellor. Out of gratitude rewarded Hitler von Papen with the position of his deputy. Rudolf Hess replaced later von Papen. And Goering was appointed by Hitler to act as Prime Minister of Prussia. The forceful incorporation of Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Russia etc. followed into what Hitler and the Nazis called the Great German Empire. Exactly 12 years after the illegal annexation of Prussia, on July 20, 1944, Prussian officers tried to make an end to the Nazi tyrannies in an attempt to kill Hitler, when he entered Prussian soil. They failed and were hanged on German meat hooks.

After World War II the Nazi Empire got dismantled. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary etc. but also Austria claimed again their pre-annexation status of independence. The meanwhile aged ousted Prussian Prime Minister, Otto Braun, informed the Americans from exile, that legally the Social Democratic Government in Prussia still exists and that all that the Allies needed to do in order to restore legality is to reinstate it. However most of the Prussian People were displaced by the Russians and Poles and not capable to claim their home country and independence. On
February 25, 1947, the Allied Control Commission declared by decree Prussia dissolved (By International Law probably invalid!). The territory of Prussia was without plebiscite divided between Russia, Poland, East Germany (G.D.R.), and the Federal Republic of Germany. Pomerania was historically a protestant province. In that from Poland acquired part of Pomerania the indigenous Protestants were forced to leave their homeland and replaced with Polish Catholics. Then, with the ratification of the Treaty of Warsaw in 1992 the Federal Republic of Germany and Poland tried to legalize their new land acquisitions - again without plebiscite. The two big territorial winners of World War II are definitely Germany and Poland. And the only loser is Prussia, which did not even declare war to anyone.

On August 14, 1941 the President of the United States of America and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom announced in a joint declaration, which became known as The Atlantic Charter:
First, their countries seek no aggrandizement, territorial or other;
Second, they desire to see no territorial changes that do not accord with the freely expressed wishes of the peoples concerned;
Third, they respect the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live; and they wish to see sovereign rights and self-government restored to those who have been forcibly deprived of them.

These grand wise words worthy only for extra ordinary great statesmen were unfortunately meaningless. The two powerful politicians behind the declaration did not rule accordingly.

Only 12 years of forceful and illegal annexation to Germany did cost us Pomeranians and Prussians our home country, all possessions, our many centuries old history, language etc.. People often confuse our Pomeranian heritage with Prussia with that of Germany. We lost everything because of Germany.

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